1. David From Canada says

    Zac Efron is amazingly good as a girl – he is so cute, period. Maybe it’s part of his character, but I couldn’t understand half of what Jimmy Fallon said. Good skit on the whole!

  2. Acronym Jim says

    I disagree, David. While I find Zac a very pretty boy, he is a surprisingly ugly man. Seth, on the other hand. Talk about real fishyness.

  3. David From Canada says

    @ACRONYM JIM: I didn’t mean that I found Zac attractive as a girl, but rather his feminine mannerisms were quite good. I would take him as the cute male that he is any day!!

  4. Gary says

    If you haven’t noticed, Jimmy Fallon is the main character in every thing he does on “The Tonight Show.” He’s in every conversation.

  5. Artie_in_Lauderale says


    The three participants in this sketch are straight-identified males. That’s probably a wash as far as societal effect. If the sketch were played by three gay men, that would be a net negative by virtue of reinforcing stereotypes. I don’t think that government will ever succeed in banning cross-dressing stage or film performances, and there will always be an audience.

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