1. johnny says

    Because, you know, only young people are gay.

    IF this assh*le only knew how many gay people in his district are over the age of 35…

    And yes, why doesn’t anyone stand up to this c*nt???

  2. mike/ says

    Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies raises its ugly head yet again —> “… if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism.”

    the only change to it is that it’s no longer only online based and more often than not, its focus is almost always regarding lgbtq now.

    btw, for those of you not aware, Saginaw has been sort of like the Midwest’s Provincetown/Fire Island for decades.

  3. robertL says

    Dan Fitzpatrick does not understand the rise of one party. If he sat down and read a history book – he would find that he has interpreted this time period all wrong. If he were in a history class he would receive a well earn F.

  4. verbocityeric says

    if he what he said was true he would be the hospital as a result of the beating he’d get from the brown shirts.
    actually, it what he said was true, he never would have spoken at all. the very first time he intimated he was against equality the brown shirts would have gone to see him, threatened his family and business, graffitied slogans on his house, gotten his children kicked out of school and made it impossible for him to earn a living.
    Brown shirts would have packed the city council meeting to ensure the vote went their way or broken up the session before the vote.
    Real fascists would burn down the city hall and frame fitzpatrick for the crime.

    Has this amoeba ever displayed real physical courage? He thinks he’s facing down nazis, but would he really take a beating or go to jail for what he thinks is right?
    Never mind Berlin, he needs to be reminded of what happened in Birmingham and Greensboro.

  5. IEatCereal says

    He doesn’t realize the irony in his statement when he said that what people do behind closed doors has nothing to do with their legislature.
    What would ultra-conservatives Christians complain about if not for the evils of sex?

  6. tominsf says

    Yes, Saginaw is the biggest city in Michigan’s thumb. Douglas & Saugatuck are clear across the state right across Lake Michigan from Chicago. However, Saginaw does have gay bars. This nutcase needs to be reprimanded by the gay community, but there is a real homophobic attitude in MI. Most young gays leave MI as soon as they can for more tolerant states. The thumb of MI is very redneck. I’m sure I will get negative feedback, but that is what I see and so I will say it.

  7. TonyJazz says

    Fighting for our rights is what Nazis do?

    …versus majorities (straight people) who put initiatives on ballots to discriminate?

    Who’s calling the kettle black?

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