1. hugo says

    LOL. Fox News is truly the asylum/retirement home for all crazies who can’t deal with facts or reality; the Ark of the Ignorant.

  2. J says

    Everyone gets death threats and rape threats online.
    I wish these people would stop flattering themselves by thinking it’s personal.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Sorry but I’ve no time for this Christianist right wing martyr. See ya!

  4. mike says

    Oh, so the new right-wing term for bigot is “crusader for traditional values”?

  5. MIke says

    ESPN has an opinion piece “Michael Sam vs. Michael $am” where the author isn’t too hyped now that those were Oprah’s people in the room for the big “spontaneous moment”. In fact, says the coach should consider cutting him now. I doubt his reality show has much of a chance of seeing reality since it appears to be a PR backfire.

  6. says

    What her television doesn’t have an off button? If it does no one forced her to watch anything. Get a life!

  7. Sean says

    Poor Amy; so you think Michael Sam hasn’t gotten death threats, called derogatory names, faced petitions and calls for him to be fired? He has by anti-gay TRASH like you. The difference is he is receiving all of that because of who he is and you are receiving it because of the demeaning, dehumanizing, and demonizing anti-gay hate trash you spout out of your holier-than-thou mouth. GROW UP you immature, arrogant, uncivilized, bigoted, ignorant, blond Eva Braun wannabe who clearly lives your nugatory life to usurp your superiority over people not like yourself. Remember; the KKK, Neo-Nazis, and Al Qaeda all have the same anti-gay “values” as you. You are the company you keep. 

  8. bkmn says

    Amy may want to go a little more low profile.

    She reminds me of Carrie Prejean, the righteous Miss USA contestant who “stood up for traditional marriage” and then had a video of her diddling herself show up a week or so later.

  9. Tigernan says

    It’s fun to watch Mike’s version of reality. Every time he posts here it’s some long version of things that never play out in any way.

  10. johnny says

    How about a slap threat?

    I’m ready when you are, my rubber glove is near my desk, waiting.

    That’s all the energy I can muster for this idiot.

  11. pete n sfo says

    Well, at least Elizabeth Hasselsnatch must be nervous… there’s a new wretch in town. :)

  12. Mark says

    Amy, do have you any text messages, emails or phone records of the threats against you? Did you report them to the police? I thought not….you have become delusional like the rest of your ilk.

  13. MIke says

    “Michael Sam’s decision to do a “documentary series” — reality TV show — on the Oprah Winfrey Network is a gigantic tactical error for Sam and his supporters within the LGBT community.

    America, for the most part, would wrap its arms around Michael Sam, the gay, underdog football player fighting to find his place in the NFL. America, for the most part, will reject Michael $am, the gay, in-your-face political/media pawn using the NFL as a platform to launch his celebrity brand.”

    “He’s a seventh-round pick. This is preposterous. I support Michael Sam and the movement he represents. However, if I were Rams coach Jeff Fisher, I’d consider cutting $am today. He’s a marginal player with questionable focus on the game.”

    Oh, Tigernan, that’s not me. That’s

  14. wct says

    I’m sorry, but are there any brunette reporters on Fox News? They seem to be clones of each other.

  15. Michael says

    I am sick of homophobes claiming “DEATH THREATS!” and never producing the evidence. If any one of them received any kind of threat, they would bring it to the police and parade the proof in front of everyone.

    It’s amazing these good “Christians” don’t give a rat’s ass about “Thou shall not lie” when it comes to justifying their bigotry.

  16. Patrick says

    Amy: you’re just another tired old hag who no one listens to anymore after your unprofessional tirade. Switch the channel,Eva Braun. And you do belong at Faux News: the bastion of psychotic/sociopathic crazies…

  17. JackFknTwist says

    So who is this phucked-over-six-times-at-the-Prom. I’ll-eat-my-children-for-air-time, badblond job ?

    A bit late for the party , eh ?

  18. Daniel says

    It’s too bad that this will give her a career. The thing that I think is weird is that she wasn’t even being attacked. She walked off because people were disagreeing with her but now she’s whining she’s a victim. Unfortunately, this seems to be typical among conservative Christians–“if you disagree with me you’re trampling on my religious freedom.”

  19. John says

    If she’s so concerned with being “traditional”, why doesn’t she quit her job and go back into the kitchen where “traditional women” belong?

  20. apex says

    The only way to prevent being exposed to things you don’t want to see, is to get off the grid completely. But seeing as you are a media personality, you yourself are “part of the grid” that you think people should be able to avoid. I personally don’t want to have bigotry “pushed in my face.” The irony!

  21. SFRowGuy says

    I thought big new agency (Fox, CNN, ABC, AP, etc.) were suppose to be impartial. Fox your hate is showing … again.

  22. Paul B. says

    As long as we become more visible…they become more threatened. Of course, they could have demonized us until the end of time but the internet & social networking arrived…much to their dismay. Now, we’re here, we’re in all walks of life, we kiss and hold hands, we marry & divorce and we’re not all pedophiles. Burst their bubble much?