1. rick says

    Another Pride parade that will portray gay men as a bunch of gender-confused freaks.
    Sorry guys I need to do this. I haven’t taken my meds yet. It is still too early.

  2. Perry says

    When will gays realize that what the Franco brothers do is nothing better than blackface? They are mocking gays and people praise them. Just sad.

  3. disgusted merican says

    NE1 – I look at it that they’re Very comfortable in thier own skin,and thier own masculinity that – gender bending doesn’t bother them …I dont take it as a “cut towards gay people”

  4. unruly says

    If people don’t get the obvious costume reference, Dave is the character played by Uma Thurman and Chris is the character played by Lucy Liu from Kill Bill Vol 1.

  5. james street james says

    Two men scissoring. With clothes on. What does THAT feel like?

    They both might squirt.

    Safe sex anyone?

  6. TR says

    Those two are truly sick puppies! And from me, that’s very high compliment. The highest I ever give in fact! LOL