Gay D.C. Council Candidate Marc Morgan Receives Anti-Gay Slur-Laden Threat in the Mail


Marc Morgan, an out gay candidate for the D.C. Council, received a threatening letter in the mail, Metro Weekly reports:

Morgan, a Republican running for the At-Large seat on the Council being vacated by Independent David Catania, sent Metro Weekly a photo of the letter, which he says was stuffed into his mailbox sometime between midnight Wednesday night and 10 a.m. on Thursday morning. He says he grabbed the unopened letter out of his mailbox and took it with him as he was traveling to work this morning, but did not immediately read it. Later, he opened it to discover the letter’s contents.

Read the letter in the image above.

Morgan received several anti-gay tweets around the same time he took the letter from his home, but its unknown if they are related. Police are investigating the letter.


  1. bkmn says

    I hope this is not another stunt by campaign staffers to rile up sympathy votes for a gay Repubican.

    OTOH, why would any gay man want to align himself with the Republican party? The Tea folk would prefer he didn’t exist.

  2. Brian W. says

    It doesn’t matter what his political party is. The fact that he received this hateful threatening letter, “we know where u live too” is horrifying. We all must stand together.

  3. J says

    “It doesn’t matter what his political party is. The fact that he received this hateful threatening letter, “we know where u live too” is horrifying. We all must stand together.”

    Exactly. It really is interesting to see the difference in responses. When reports surfaced about the anti-gay slur carved into the skin of a lady, the anti-gay slur painted on the garage and the receipt with anti-gay writing (all of which turned out to be hoaxes,) the majority here and on other comment boards took up for the assumed victims (even if they were skeptical of the crimes.) When those were proven to be false reports, some even said that the lies should be overlooked since these people were bringing attention to under reported LGBT bias. Now we have an out candidate potentially receiving racist and homophobic material and the most offensive thing some here can find about the story is Mr. Morgan’s political affiliation. Unless this candidate is anti-gay rights/policies, then I don’t know why we are so quick to mock him and dismiss this letter.

  4. Chris says

    Totally agree with J! It doesn’t matter what party he’s from, that is some scary stuff!

    But, I think it should be noted that the DC GOP is really moderate to liberal. Also, he’s running for an at-large spot where there are no primaries, so it’s whoever wins. DC usually only elects republicans or independents to their at-large spots because democrats split that vote during the general election. Also, he has to win over some democrats because the actual DC GOP is ridiculously small. All that being said, I have no idea what this guy’s politics are all about so maybe he is a far right wing dude or just a moderate guy who doesn’t really like taxes that much. It’s important to also remember that in DC we gays can wed and are protected in housing/employment/etc. So he might just feel more passionate about fiscal issues.

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