GOP Candidate Ray Moore Warns Of ‘Holocaust’ From Teaching Evolution & Homosexuality: AUDIO

Ray Moore

South Carolina GOP lieutenant governor candidate Ray Moore is shoring up his conservative bona fides by claiming that schools are pushing a "silent holocaust" against churches and Christianity by teaching evolution and protecting LGBT students from abuse. While speaking with conservative talk show host Steve Deace, Moore said,

80 percent of Southern Baptists youths are leaving the church and abandoning the Christian faith, and we think all of this is pretty much attributable to government schooling. We think the main culprit is public schooling. So there’s a holocaust, a silent holocaust going on in our evangelical churches.

And thus was Godwin's Law invoked and Moore immediately lost the argument. Undeterred by the utter insanity of comparing dropping attendance rates in churches to the wholesale slaughter of almost 6 million Jews in one of the greatest ethnic cleansing movements of the 20th century, Moore continued by comparing gay marriage to a virus:

[S]o why is same-sex marriage and abortion and all of these viruses latching on to our society so readily? And we think part of it is government-sponsored education where they’re thoroughly and aggressively teaching socialism, humanism; turning their hearts away from Christ.

You can listen to Moore's interview below.


  1. bcarter3 says

    “We think the main culprit is public schooling.”

    Yeap, it’s that damned education! We didn’t have this problem when kids were ignorant. I tell you, there’s a war on stupidity in this country, and we’re going to fight it to the last teabagger is locked up in a FEMA death camp.

  2. Joel says

    “80 percent of Southern Baptists youths are leaving the church and abandoning the Christian faith, and we think all of this is pretty much attributable to government schooling.”

    So education is working! Excellent!

  3. woodroad34 says

    Christianity is just an idea and a belief. No one believes in the Greek Gods, The Norse Gods, or the Egyptian Pantheon any more either; so why shouldn’t Christianity (as it now has become) fall to the wayside for a better belief system? Some of Christianity’s tenets are Universal–they’re found in every religion/philosophy– so they’ll live on; but the theocracy of Islam, Christianity and Judaism needs to fall away.

  4. MajorTom says

    If 80 percent of Southern Baptist young people are leaving the church, I think they need to stop looking for a scapegoat and face up to the possibility that they are driving them away on their own. Most intelligent people find intolerance to be patently offensive.

  5. Frank says

    @majortom- you beat me to the punch. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad that this idiot who is running for public office thinks that gays and evolution are driving folks away from his church. Ray Moore- YOU and your attitudes are driving people away from your church. How can you worry about the spec in your brother’s eye when you can’t see the plank in your own eye. (I may have escaped religion but I remember what I read back then and love to quote it back to them)

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    So, if 80% of “christian youth” are leaving the church, it may be true that public education works. It may ALSO be true that southern baptist churches provide oppressive, confining, and rejecting experiences for such youth. How does a young person hear a constant stream of “we hate ‘special interests'; we hate homosexuals; we hate uppity women; we hate science/technology…” without feeling excluded or oppressed?

  7. Alex Parrish says

    80% of Southern Baptist youth leaving the church? I rather doubt that — but I would certainly LIKE to believe that. If that were even partly true it would be a good thing. In such a case, the Southern Baptists are clearly casting-about for a scapegoat and I guess ‘edumacashun’ is as good as any. Actually — it’s possibly true too; the more educated people become the less likely they are to swallow the repressive and narrow-minded policies of the Southern Baptists. Clearly, education is doing SOME good after all.

  8. Alice says

    So when anti-gays follow the Nazi playbook against gays, and even call for our extermination in no uncertain terms, gays according to anti-gay are not allowed to call it a holocaust.
    But when gays strive for equality, apparently it’s OK for anti-gays to cry “holocaust” on their right to commit a holocaust.

    I get it now, Christians, clean cup, clean cup, move down, move down, clean cup clean cup move down…….

  9. anon says

    I’m sure rhetoric like this will just reverse the tide of kids leaving the church by next week when word gets out. Yes, he’s providing them with a very compelling argument to change their secular ways.

  10. Enchantra says

    No, they are leaving the Baptist church for the same reason they go to college: because they want to be something other than poor white trash.

  11. JJ says

    Hmm, 80%? Highly doubtful. It’s probably true—and probably always has been—that most young people stop going to church when they leave home, and then many of them return when they marry or have kids. Or MAYBE when you poll Southern Baptist youth on issues like gay rights, reproductive rights, and segregation, 80% of them disagree with Moore on at least one issue, and he treats any dissent as “leaving the church.”

  12. tho says

    …Let’s hope he is among the dying breed of backwards thinking people. He is placing church before state (and he is an elected politician so do the math)..sorry troll, can’t have it both ways. 80% leaving the SBC? My ..oh my…what’s next, a plague of locusts?…people like this need to fade out..sooner than later.

  13. GregV says

    Of course the original “virus” that appalled Southern Baptists was liberal Americans’ desire to end slavery. That’s the whole reason his church was established in the first place.
    They also stood against voting rights for women, racial integration of schools, hotels and restaurants, and were on the wrong side of history on every major civil rights struggle.
    With every generation since slavery, the Southern Baptists have lost those members of a younger generation who had any sense of compassion and decency.

  14. StudioTodd says

    So remember folks–if there’s a group of people you want to keep oppressed, don’t educate your children!

    Damn knowledge…knocking down religious bigotry every time!

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