India’s Transgender Hijras Encourage Car ‘Pilots’ To Buckle Up In Charming PSA – VIDEO


The Seatbelt Crew are a group of transgender Indian “hijras” who recently dressed like flight attendants to encourage drivers at an intersection to wear their safety belts. “Hijras” are treated as religious figures who often bless newborns, weddings and also exchange blessings at city traffic stops for money. In this instance, they filmed their safety message — offering to bless drivers who buckled up — and turned it into a charming viral PSA.

The video was an initiative of VithU, an app that allows you to send multiple alert messages to your social network if you’re ever in danger. YouTube user Ryan Mendonca uploaded the video alongside several one-minute PSAs for the “Ring the Bell” campaign encouraging men to disrupt instances of domestic abuse.

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