1. Tyler says

    Cue militant, transphobic bigots with misplaced rage and issues with women to comment in 3…2…1…

  2. AnthonyR says

    I really Love this. It’s Amazing how the Hijras are treated and regarded in their country. Everywhere else in the World should take notice. Xo’s

  3. homo genius says

    What does this have to do with Gay people? If I want tranny news ill go to a tranny site

  4. petey says

    Daniel Villarreal seems to think that transgenders are the same as homosexuals.

  5. Piet says

    This is so cool! Hijras seem to receive the same respect our North American Native Peoples gave their other-gendered folks, sadly not something the white settlers were interested in learning.

  6. Derrick says

    How nice that they are having such a grand old time. They won their rights at the Indian Supreme Court while LGBs were relegated by the same court to criminal status. Do these transgenders care? Of course not. LGBs are only of concern to them insofar as we can be exploited or squeezed for cash. They demand that LGBs pursue no progress at all unless it includes them, but if given the chance they do not hesitate to grab gains for themselves. Just as they have done in the US.

    LGBT is a sham and a scam.

  7. says

    Homo Genius, Petey and Derrick (not from Philly) are a sham as they’re all the same transphobic troll. I wish it was the case that there was a sizable number of transphobic people who post on here, but it’s actually just one obsessed guy with no life.

  8. Gregory In Seattle says

    There is no need to put hijra in scare quotes: that is the correct term, and now under Indian law, a legal gender.

    As for them being respected, however…. India is a very patriarchal culture, and hijras face serious bigotry. They offer blessings for money because they are denied actual employment and are forced to go begging on the streets. While some Hindu denominations consider them sacred, others do not, and hijras are frequent targets for assault, robbery and rape. While legal rights are slowly appearing, social acceptance still has a very, very long way to go.