Liberty Counsel Defends Michigan’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Because Gay People Have ‘Inherent’ Diseases

Liberty counselThe anti-gay Christian law firm Liberty Counsel has filed an amicus brief urging the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage, which was struck down by U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman back in March

Among Liberty Counsel’s arguments made in the brief is the assertion that “not only is there no bodily good or function toward which two same-sex bodies can coordinate, but there are in fact inherent harms associated with same-sex unions."

The brief continues:

The personal, social and financial costs of these homosexual-specific health problems concern not just those who engage in homosexual activity, but also the larger community of citizens who help provide services and who must bear part of the burdens imposed by the health challenges. It would be rational for the voters of Michigan to seek to minimize the deleterious effects of these conditions on public health, safety and welfare by affirming that marriage in Michigan remains the union of one man and one woman.

Think Progress reports that the brief goes on to highlight "a number of health concerns that are unique or specific to the LGBT community, including lower life expectancy, suicide, higher rates of substance abuse, depression, inadequate access to care, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, certain cancers, and eating disorders.”

Notably absent from the brief, however, are the numerous studies directly linking the LGBT health inequities to the “discrimination and stigma against homosexuality” in many parts of the country. 


  1. JonB says

    It’s almost like they don’t want to win. Seriously. I almost think these groups have just given up and are going so far out of their way to look absurd just so the courts finally rule once and for all that we win and these jokers can move on with their lives.

  2. bkmn says

    It’s almost as though these ass-hats don’t think they will have to back up their claims in court with actual data. I say we let them hang themselves on this crap.

    If they believe all those Paul Cameron studies they really need some serious reality checks.

  3. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    I’ve never heard of the “Liberty Counsel”, but isn’t it strange their logo has a royal crown on the top?

    The American Revolution was all about seeking liberty from the monarchy, yet these clowns think they have the divine right of kings to pass judgement on everyone else.

  4. says

    I wonder if he has a list of the diseases that can be contracted by getting married?

    The issue before the court is whether or not there is a rational basis for preserving the Sanctity of Bigotry. These assclowns are not rational. They should stop obsessing on gay men and just ask one for a date.

  5. Robert M. says

    Christians have sunk to a new low. Didn’t think that was possible but they proved me wrong. I guess they never got the memo that making absurd arguments in the face of reality no longer works. But then again, it’s Christianity were talking about here. Anyone who can believe the nonsense they believe and keep a straight face would indeed file such a ridiculous legal document…

  6. Gay Guy says

    Well what about banning smoking? That would go much further in promoting public health than anything having to do with homosexuality.

    And frankly, anybody who follow the fundamentalist brand of religion – and ignores science – has an inherent disease.

  7. Paul B. says

    Well, I guess it’s time stop all women from owning mammary glands…cancer risk you know.
    Oh, all prostates…removed at birth please.
    Forget about childbirth…it’s costly and dangerous by it’s very nature. Since that’s the case…we probably don’t need to copulate since we’ve already established that it’s purpose is only procreation…and therefore much to risky after doing a cost/benefit analysis. Those pesky heterosexuals carry so many STD’s…always have. They’re such a financial burden to society…and then there’s the constant parade of offspring…OMG…delivery rooms, schools, proms…it’s all so expensive! I need a drink.

  8. MIke says

    I see a lot of fat, unhealthy straight people with lifestyle- contributed diabetes, hypertension, lung cancer, etc. Do we disallow marriages among them because they are unhealthy? Do we prevent marriages and pregnancies of unhealthy people so that they don’t create more unhealthy people who will be a burden on the state?

  9. emjayay says

    Actually it’s looking like sugar should be taxed like cigarettes given the health problems it tends to cause. Meanwhile, the fattest states are the Christianest.

  10. Marc says

    Oops, Counsel!
    Good Lord. I am as bad as people who misspell derogatory slang on bathroom walls. Ugh…

    I meant to say… Liberty Counsel is an inherent disease.

  11. With Amici Like Liberty.... says

    Can a court hold the author(s) of an amicus brief in contempt of court for wasting the court’s time with specious arguments? Can’t they fine them at least? Because if not, the court SHOULD be able to. An amicus brief shouldn’t be a platform for slurring and defaming a class of people. I would hope that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals would quote from the LC brief as examples of the outrageous bigotry and discrimination that LGBTs face in affirming the Deboer ruling. Hateful Liberty Counsel, may God plague you with 10,000 rectal cancers.

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