1. The Milkman says

    So what? I’m sure it would be easier to defuse faux controversy over a decades-old BJ than it would be to make people forget that your husband was and is a war criminal.

    Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Bush fils should have been tried at the Hague.

  2. woodroad34 says

    aid Laura Ingraham: “That makes perfect sense! I’m really mad I didn’t think of it first!” — I think the bigger surprise is she thinks she thinks. And Lynne Cheney looks like a neighbor woman of mine when I was growing up in Michigan. This woman was a drunk and smoked cigarettes – essentially making her sound like a man in drag. It doesn’t really surprise me that Mizzzzzz Cheney thinks in terms of paranoia and conspiracy given who she’s married to.

  3. Alex Parrish says

    I HOPE it is true. I’d like to think that the Clintons are smart enough to get out ahead of the right-wing-nut forces who have dogged them for years. You go Hillary!

  4. Philly says

    Ooooooh,I really do hope she gets Graydon Carter’s panties in a twist!

    Enough so he would do an exposé on her spending habits, as well as her husband’s Halliburton – Corporation of warmongering, rape, mercenaries, and the slow massacre of the American people’s rights.

  5. BETTY says

    Yes, they forced Monica to talk to Vanity Fair. They are in cahoots. As if Hillary wants nothing more than to get into the spotlight with Monica again. Yep.

  6. BETTY says

    BTW, if that were the case why didn’t they do this “stunt” before Hillary’s first run in 2012? Nice try though Lynne. I think the only people that care about this issue were the GOP faux outrage crowd that got their panties in a wad about it way back then. Meanwhile, those same finger pointers were not so innocent themselves. Most people are over it and were over it in the 90’s.

  7. jexerer says

    “She also suggested that the Clintons are secretly behind the Vanity Fair story about Monica Lewinsky, in order to get it out of the way before the 2016 elections.”

    Okay. And -anyone- should care because?

  8. Rowan says

    BETTY, because Hilary did not think it would STILL be an issue and she thought she had it in the bag. You saw the campaign and the shock they felt when Obama came through etc.

    They’ve learned their lesson and this time made this happen. But so what? You are woefully naive to think the most publicity orientated political magazine like Vanity Fair have not done this through Hilary, esp as Monica has been trying to sell her stories for years and no one was that interested.

    To think it’s just a coincidence, is woefully naive.

    But again my point is so what? Good for Hilary in being SMART and playing the game.

  9. says

    Lynne, your husband is responsible for the deaths of 4,500 American service members and the maiming of thousands more. Crawl back under that rock you came from and don’t show yourself again.

  10. james street james says

    Lynne Cheney could better spend her time setting up a hot line for suicidal Republicans when they realize that after eight Obama years they may have eight Hillary years to look forward to.

    Lynne has a book to push. Monica has her article to push. That’s the timing issue.

  11. BETTY says

    ROWAN: It’s funny that you think this is STILL an issue? It wasn’t an issue in 2012. Why now all of a sudden is this coming to a boil again? By all means follow the lead of Lynne Cheney! Eye roll.

  12. says

    “She also suggested that the Clintons are secretly behind the Vanity Fair story about Monica Lewinsky, in order to get it out of the way before the 2016 elections.”

    Get it out of the way? Everybody got over it 15 years ago. There was nothing behind Monica’s VF story except a sad attempt to use Hillary’s possible run for 2016 and Tyler Clementi’s death to stretch out her 15 minutes of fame.

  13. Bernie says

    talk about swallowing the kool aid! Of course Lynne Cheney gives the Clintons way more power than they really have…….the right wing stupid machine and idiotolgy is alive and well

  14. Patrick says

    Look into their dead,shark like eyes.Laura & Lynne : the “best” of the gop. No wonder the party is fractured. With nitwits like these two, the gop is eating itself..

  15. afunnyguy says

    Did anyone catch that Ms Cheney..old windbag that she is called out College Professors and then referred to students as “lemmings’ because they refuse to follow the Cheney ideology that Condi Rice and all swallowed. They have a right who will address them at their own commencement It is about THEM and their accomplishments..not YOU! . Just die all ready you old windbag. You will not be missed.

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