Matt Barber’s Right Wing Website Tries To Link Homosexuality, Pedophilia and Obama


Right wing nut Matt Barber’s website, BarbWire, ran a post earlier today showing a photo (pictured above) that seemingly shows a pair of Obama supporters showing an affiliation with NAMBLA, the North American Man /Boy Love Association, a group that supports pedophilia and lobbies to reduce age of consent laws. The BarbWire article was meant to expose the "dangerous link between homosexuality and pedophilia" so as to "clearly demonstrate the precise reason why we must continue to keep homosexual men as far away as possible from our young boys.”

As both Joe.My.God and Right Wing Watch point out, the photo used was clearly photoshopped with “NAMBLA” superimposed over the sign in the original image that read, “Republicans for Obama.” The author of the post, pastor Jeff Allen, has since claimed that using the photoshopped picture was an “innocent mistake” and accused Right Wing Watch of “deception” for having “painted [their] mistake as intentional.” 


  1. OrliJoeinFL says

    Wait, wait, wait… you use an obviously photoshopped pic and you accuse someone else of deception? Right!

  2. Chris says

    even if they did not do the photoshopping themselves, they are negligent for promoting the picture as what they purport it to be.

  3. Randy says

    The real message here isn’t about Obama, but about what Republicans can expect to happen to them if they break ranks.

  4. TimF says

    Does NAMBLA existed anywhere but in the minds of homophobes? Thought they disbanded in the early 1980s?

  5. walter says

    if barber wants to attack pedophiles he would be better served attacking the catholic church and its priests

  6. bkmn says

    As the number of people willing to donate to the anti-gay Xtians keeps dropping they are only going to get meaner and nastier. This will not be the last of this kind of thing.

  7. *****overTX says

    Question, has anyone ever met anyone that was a member of NAMBLA? I am fairly advanced in gay years and I have never know anyone that was a NAMBLA member nor have any of my friends know of anyone that was a member. The only reference that I can find by anyone claiming to know anything about NAMBLA are homophobes on the Yahoo comments sections.

  8. Reggie777 says

    “Innocent mistake”???? Oh, I innocently twisted the message on a picture to say something it was never meant to say, and it is innocent? Right. And the sad thing is that some people will buy his excuse. How would he feel if someone showed a doctored photo of him in a compromising situation? This poor excuse for a human being has absolutely no morally redeeming quality.

  9. GregV says


    I said that very thing to an bigoted anti-gay co-worker several years ago. He kept bringing up the name of that “organization” at work and tried to tie it to gay people and to his excuses for attacking them. I told him I have met thousands of gay people and, as far as I know, I have never met anyone who has ever met anyone who has ever even SEEN a member. Someone once told me he was going to try to do a college paper exposing them but he was unable to do it because he could not find a single living, breathing member anywhere despite his attempts.
    Regardless of whether supporting members actually exist at all, they obviously have no more support from the gay community than they and similar man-girl loony organizations have in the mainstream straight community.

  10. Pandion says

    Is there anything wrong with advocating lowering the age of consent to, say, 14?
    Adolescents should be perfectly free to decide of their own sexuality as they see fit, provided they’re educated about the risks (in terms of diseases and pregnancies).
    Safe and sane sex should be viewed as a joyous experience at all post-pubertal ages – to be encouraged, not to approached pruriently with hysterics.

  11. Moz's says

    @ pandion

    the age of consent isn’t about keeping youths from having sex ( with each other)

    it is about keeping older people like you from taking advantage of youths. Please take your nambla bs elsewhere

  12. Vint says

    If anyone claims he can’t spot the Photoshopping in this picture at 30 paces, he needs either a seeing eye dog or a lie-detector.

    In either case, he’s in no position to make pronouncements based on his interpretation of the photo.

  13. NE1 says

    that is an atrocious thing to do. i instantly hated those two guys until i read that they WEREN’T HOLDING UP A NAMBLA SIGN. my god. whoever is responsible for this has some serious apologizing to do, and blaming someone else isn’t the way to go about it. those two men need to call a lawyer asap.

  14. Pandion says


    I personally prefer my own age group, thanks. I also realize teens 14+ can make personal decisions about who they want to sleep with without having a windbag like you dictating their behavior. All this hysteria is typical of Christianity-induced attitudes toward sex.

  15. Patrick says

    I think the age of consent should be lowered, dunno to what age. These men should sue.

  16. says

    “We didn’t do this on purpose! We just accidentally photoshopped a picture so that it looked like child molesters were supporting Obama! Happens all the time! HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE US OF BEING DISHONEST!”

  17. says

    I agree on the invisibility of NAMBLA. I bet most gay kids under 30 have never heard of them, unless they read right wing blogs.

  18. Mike says

    The only one person that I have heard EVEN mention NAMBLA was the Fox windbag in chief Bill O’Reilly! He was frothing at the mouth as usual and not making ANY sense which are both quite typical so I just turned the TV off.

  19. Patrick says

    Desperate republithugs at it again. They won’t quit until they destroy the gop…

  20. anon says

    The primary problem for age of consent laws (more designed for marriage than for sex) are the cases were an 18 yo can’t date a 16 yo. This never used to be a problem, but now with all the glory that sex offender prosecutions bring, DA’s are going after teens for dating those just before the cut-off age. And we also get all the sexting convictions which are not taking into account the age of the offenders because they are being prosecuted as adults.

  21. verbocityeric says

    the first of NAMBLA was a multi page comic in National Lampoon. Ricky Ricardo and Fred Mertz joined.

    I think South Park has also made reference to NAMBLA.

  22. says

    I’m surprised the men in the picture didn’t sue the clown for posting it, thus associating them with NAMBLA!!!

  23. calpoidog says

    “innocent mistake”? You can tell it’s photoshopped just by looking at it. Overlooking tell-tale signs that it’s fake is not “innocent.”

  24. Eric Tazelaar says

    Yes, NAMBLA does exist. The totalitarian gay movement did not manage to entirely extinguish it once lesbians became dominant in gay rights in the ’80;s.