1. SpaceCadet says

    She’s an annoying classless twit. I give her career a few more years and then people will be bored of her. I must admit “Party in the USA” is my guilty pleasure.

  2. Markt says

    It was a joke. The fact that it would be an awful thing to do was the point. You can joke about anything – murder, whatever. It’s how you do it. And that was not so bad. The word police are killing me – really it get’s hard to take. Everyone is dying for an opportunity to show that they’re morally superior. And if the opportunity doesn’t present itself, one can be fabricated.

  3. Jesus says

    @MarkT perhaps you should reflect on your own reaction to this story and your desire to defend the use of rape jokes… Just sayin’

  4. MIke says

    She was at GAY/Heaven before. When she had her short lived “new image” as sex-kitten. Now she struck gold with her shock/grossness act, and I think that new reincarnation has a much shorter life span.

  5. Ted says

    Jokes are jokes. Period. People need to stop wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

  6. Moz's says


    saw title and hoped she had finally gone too far so we could be done with her

    NUT what she said was just a tired joke

  7. Jack M says

    It’s not a date rape joke, it’s just a joke. Does anyone think she was serious? Get over it!

  8. Hrm says

    Yawn. I’ve made the same kind of joke about 1000 times and it didn’t mean anything.

  9. Hrm says

    @david, it would have been “15 minutes” if she hadn’t been famous for the last decade already. It’s very easy to call someone a has-been when you’re a never-was.

  10. Hey Darlin' says

    Do I think she’s always the epitome of taste – no.

    Do I think she’s anything to worry about – no.

    We got bigger fish to fry – now grab a skillet.

  11. Sean says

    Imagine. Someone was offended. Someone who’s group supplies their paycheck was offended. What-a-surprise.

  12. Devon says

    Is Dan Villarreal going to do a post in favor of rape as a “queer” expression of sexual desire? The guy is so morally bankrupt, so lacking in character, and so desperately needs to be seen as an outrageous provocateur, that this surely should be the next frontier he crosses.

    Shame on Towleroad for hiring this guy. Knowing how he contributed to antigay hate around the world and how he mocked the memory of Tyler Clementi, it is painful to see his name in print here.

  13. Homo Genius says

    are we sure Danny isn’t a lesbian. I mean he is so humorless, holier than thou and school marmy.

  14. David says

    Yawn. The culture of entitlement and offense continues. I assume gay people used to have a sense of humor, but now that we’re mainstream the culture is an endless pastiche of tone-deafness, outrage, and thought policing. It’s toxic. We used to be fun.

  15. DANSWON says

    “Shock-rocker”? Oh please… if the world of music is so tame that Miley Cyrus is considered shocking we might as well all just give up.
    I couldn’t care less about her tasteless joke, and neither should anyone else.