1. David From Canada says

    This is astonishing and so complex – the Universe. Where did it come from? An accident? I don’t think so. There is an Infinite Intelligence behind the whole thing – a beautiful force with stupendous power beyond all explanation.

  2. steve talbert says

    Given the grand scale and time frame, I just don’t see how anyone can believe that some old guy decided one day to create everything and then periodically gets grumpy and smashes things up – or is so insecure and narcissistic that he needs constant adulation..and let’s not even talk about the child abuse.. Sounds more alcoholic and co-dependent than divine. Eventually people will see that the random happenstance of life is just so much more wondrous than anything man can come up with.

  3. Sam says

    The best computer Universe simulation of data and basic algorithms, the drivers of the zoom level and frame time resolution, and of the wheeler-dewitt equation.

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