1. David says

    @ANON If you read the article, even the students don’t know why he was *nominated.* It doesn’t matter though. And before any bitter queens jump in and say “shouldn’t a girl have won” or “I feel bad for any girls who won” be sure that the student body voted for him because they wanted him to win more than any other candidate. A second placer has no say in who the winner is.

  2. says

    This is such an insult! Basically, they’re saying that Gay men are “queens”, so the Prom Queen title should be used rather than Prom King. The young man seems unaware that he’s being disrespected (or he’s keeping a stiff upper lip and not letting on how he really feels). When I read stories like this, I despair that the Gay Rights movement is regressing instead of progressing.

  3. proudgaymale says

    I don’t know how I feel about this. I certainly think he is inspiring and congrats to him but on the other hand as a gay man I take offense. King and Queen are gender specific roles. I was born a male, I am proud to be male. If it would have been me I would have chosen to be King (just a footnote this gentlemen had the choice of which role to be). I feel him picking the Queen role sterotypicfises the long standing homophobia against gay men that we all wish to be some type of female. I asked my husband how he felt about it and he felt the same. I am a man not a woman.

  4. Gary says

    Shutter when the “wimp with no spine” insult is dusted off again. These bullied and redeemed stories are getting tiresome. See how this would play out in “the hood.” This poster who “asked his husband??” Get real Mary.

  5. Knock says

    Yet another “gay men are actually women inside” backslide. We’re approaching a century of this mindset and show no sign of progress.

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