NCAA Basketball Player Derrick Gordon Dating ‘CSI’ Actor Gerald McCullouch

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E! News is reporting that Derrick Gordon, the first openly gay NCAA Division One male basketball player, is now dating former CSI actor Gerald McCullouch. The two were photographed together at the GLAAD Media Awards in New York over the weekend (and smooching on the red carpet).

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 10.53.02 AMThe 47-year old actor told the outlet that he first connected with the 22-year-old University of Massachusetts player years ago on Twitter.

"Through the years I've encouraged him to lead an authentic life and tried my best to offer as much objective support as possible," said McCullouch

The two met in person for the first time last month, with McCullouch saying there's "certainly a spark" between them, adding, "I'm very proud of him and think he's an engaging, courageous, and handsome young man."

(photo via Instagram and Twitter)


  1. Anon says

    Eww. I don’t want to sound like an ageist, but McCullough is more than twice Gordon’s age. Just seems creepy.

  2. Macguffin54 says

    What an odd pairing. Truly. (Partially because I get weirded out by wide age margins in relationships. My best friend is married to a woman 20 years older and it’s gross to me. But then again, she is gross to me anyway…) And if you look at the pic of them “kissing” it does not appear to be remotely comfortable, Derrick is shooting daggers with his eyes.

  3. George F says

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE these wide-age-margin- couples …especially when their relationships last long…
    Also: the fact that the prudes come out against them makes me smile even more!

  4. June says

    His mother is probably crying her eyes out. I would be…but you can only do so much as a parent. Just sick and sad…

  5. joe says

    Maybe this will be something that works out for the both of them. And that would be great. Plus I think they look hot together.

    But I really do have to shake my head at this. This and the Dustin Lance Black/Tom Daley pairing really put gay men, particularly older gay men, in an unsavory light.

  6. June says

    I have the right to my opinion. You can disagree. This young is dating his grandpa…it turns my stomach. But at least he is of legal age…which is not always the case with some gays..

  7. says

    It concerns me a bit that they first started communicating in depth when one of them was a minor and the other a full-fledged adult. That said, love is love, regardless of age difference between adults. As long as it’s truly consensual and they’re both happy, no problem.

  8. someone says

    being with older guys…in hindsight I kind of regret some of the offers from older men…and wish I had been a bit less ageist…mainly because there’s kind of a cool energy that comes with being with an older guy…it’s different emotionally…in a good way. I don’t prefer older men, but I think I could have had more fun flings with them.

  9. June says

    @BIRDMISCHEIF…It is called “grooming”. He basically groomed this poor child. Did his parents know that he was communicating with this old man?

  10. MATTROCKS says

    Oh June, you have been commenting on a bunch of stories here and it is quite clear you dislike gay people. I have a question for you: do you equally judge from your perch heterosexual relationships that involve younger/older people?

  11. MATTROCKS says

    Groomed? You know that for a fact? Give it a rest and get off your moral high horse.

  12. Perry says

    Another gay with daddy issues dating a guy who is obviously a perverted old creeper.

  13. Sean Maloney says

    Simmer down, Betty, simmer down. And learn how to spell “ageist.”

  14. Carlie says

    Oy …if his mum is “crying her eyes out” over whom her 22-year-old son is dating, she needs a hobby.

  15. MATTROCKS says

    June AKA Perry: you do know that the term “May, December” was coined to describe HETEROSEXUAL relationships.

  16. JK says

    “Sick and sad?” Contain your dickishness, people. My husband and I are 19 years apart and we’re doing just fine without any extra scrutiny from the peanut gallery. If you’re disgusted by any particular kind of relationship, don’t engage in it. It’s not your place to tell other people who to love.

  17. says

    JK, congratulations to you and your husband! Being mostly a Twitter animal, if I could retweet your comment here, I would do so with great gusto and pleasure.

  18. Mark says

    Question to al those who wrote above about the age difference – Why does it bother you?

    I am dating someone my own age (both 33) and I don’t understand why anyone cares about an age difference for OTHER people.

    To me it is like being offended that 2 men or 2 women are together or an interracial couple.

    Why is someone bothered if 2 people like each other and are different ages?

  19. Carlie says

    Yes, June. McCullouch manipulated and coerced a 19-year-old college student into being gay; he must be quite the Svengali.

  20. Mark says

    To BIRDMISCHIEF – It says they were communicating – Do you NOT communicate with anyone under 18?

    If they were not having a sexual relationship – does that bother you?

  21. bobbyjoe says

    Yeah, heterosexual Hollywood stars never date people significantly younger (often decades) than them. Oh, except for… pretty much everybody. Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, George Clooney, Madonna, Jerry Sienfeld, Kathy Griffin, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Kelsey Grammer, etc., etc., etc., and the list could fill up the rest of this website. The only reason some people are saying “yuck” instead of “so what” is pure homophobia, because the age difference in that relationship is, if anything, pretty standard for celebrities and I sure haven’t seen people wringing their hands over the countless similarly aged relationships that have come out of heterosexual Hollywood since… well, probably the beginning of Hollywood.

  22. says

    To MARK: No, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Communication between adults and those under 18 is perfectly fine, and I do it all the time in my profession. I am overly cautious about these things because I teach and because I knew teachers who had (hetero)sexual relationships with (very) underaged students when I was growing up.

    Apologies for my slow response and unnecessary worrying.

  23. Perry says

    Sorry @MATTROCKS, but I am not June. May/December relationships (either gay or straight) are just plain creepy and shows both have issues they are trying to work through.

  24. Justin says

    I once had someone tell me they would never date someone my age (8 years older than him) but that if they looked like me (younger) – they would consider it.

    He ended up with someone 2 years older than me and have been together 10 years

    Go figure…

  25. qj201 says

    I’m in my 40s and I know better than to date someone half my age, though it seems all the under 30s online what “daddy to bang them.”

  26. Mark says

    To Perry –

    Why do you care about an age difference?

    Do you care if people of 2 different races date?

    Do you care if 2 heterosexuals date?

    2 men 2 women?

    Would love to hear a more detailed answer than judgement (if you have one).

  27. MATTROCKS says

    It’s creepy in YOUR opinion. So here is an idea: just don’t date someone younger or older than you. End of story. Keep your faux disgust to yourself. I’m sure if we examined every aspect of your life some busybody would find something that they think would “creep” them out. There is always somebody out there looking down on others and feel the need to judge about something.

  28. Kelly says

    So Gerald is about to release a film, “Daddy”about the relationship between a twink and a”daddy”. Perfect timing

  29. Carlie says

    Isn’t it interesting how folks project their issues onto…well, everything! Merely read that articles before concluding, and speaking. Is that too much to ask?

  30. Hawthorne says

    I love how so many poeple – who have never met the couple – claim a right to comment on the relationship. The relationship is between Gordon and McCullough, you are not part of it. Think about it, people: Many in our community have fought for decades against straight people who thought they had the right to comment on or judge our relationships. You’ve heard the question many times in recent years – “How does my relationship to another man affect your straight marriage / relationship?” The answer is IT DOESN’T. We have worked so hard for so long to defuse this typical tack of those who legislate against our relationships, yet we think NOTHING of commenting, dissing, judging and hating in a similar manner on couples like Gordon and McCullough or Black and Daley. Seriously, whatever the details of the Gordon / McCullough relationship, can’t you just wish them well, and keep your vile judgments to yourselves? You have no grounds for commenting. NONE.

  31. says

    To MARK

    Thank you. :-)

    I should have mentioned this before, but I really appreciate your initial comment challenging the age difference issues some of us have expressed on this thread.

  32. Mark says


    Thank you :-)

    I am still waiting for commentary from people explaining their issue with an age difference and not one person has replied!

    Do those same people have a problem with 2 men, 2 women, a man + woman or 2 people of different races?

    Would love to hear why those combinations are ok but that an age difference makes people uncomfortable.

  33. cdubois says

    Who wants to date a 20 something? In my 20’s I made a point of only dating guys who were as or more successful than me as I didn’t want to date waiters, cashiers and valets living paycheck to paycheck. I know that sounds kinda snotty, but things are a lot easier when both parties in the relationship are bringing the same thing to the table. In turn, the majority of the guys I date are 40+ and 10+ years older than me. Older guys have more confidence, they know themselves and they don’t bullsh*t around…. I couldn’t imagine dating someone my own age at this point. Also, it seems a lot more commonplace these days, I don’t think I get weird looks. At the same time a 30yo dating a 40yo is a little different than an 18yo and a 37yo, so who knows, whatever works for each individual…

  34. Little Twatti says

    Another promising young life ruined by the manipulations of a predator. Hollywood is full of such stories.

  35. MATTROCKS says

    Another comment section ruined by the rantings of an ignorant, morally “superior” religious fundy. America is full of such stories.

  36. Perry says

    @MATTROCKS, the difference between me and these two (2) is that I don’t make my dating public to the world. When you decide to make things public to the world, then expect to be criticized and praised. If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen. How anyone can say two people separated by 2 generations will have anything in common is strange. You have one guy in the upswing of his career and as an adult and another guy in the downside. I am sure a 22 year old and a 47 year old have tons of things in common and see life the same way.

  37. MATTROCKS says

    PERRY: you do realize they were PUBLIC figures BEFORE they started dating?? Anybody they date would be made PUBLIC regardless! Are you suggesting they keep their relationship a secret so people like you can’t throw stones at them from behind your keyboard? They must hide so you don’t clutch your pearls in faux outrage? Give me a break buddy!

  38. Mark says


    “Expect to be criticized or praised?” There is something wrong with you.

    How do you know where they are in their careers or what they have in common?

    See a therapist at once! You might find happiness and peace if you work at it…

  39. Holier-than-thou says

    What is interesting to me is that there are people in this thread saying that others do not have a right to a disapproving opinion.

    Guess what?

    WE DO. This is the internet. Most opinions are disapproving.

    When a 47-year-old white man takes a sexual interest in a 22-year-old black youth. I find it problematic. It smacks of the sexual objectification African-american males have experienced in this country since the day the first one was captured, bound, and put on a slave ship headed for America.

  40. Mark says

    Additionally, I like the fact that these 2 guys are smiling in the photo and seemingly enjoying each other’s company + connection!

    Neither one is giving Perry a thought!!!!

    I will follow their example…

  41. MATTROCKS says

    HOLIER: Take it down a notch! This is NOT a black and white issue and you know it. If the older male was black would you say the same thing? No. If they were both black? No. ENOUGH already. You are just being a jerk. Then you wonder why your opinion is shot down?

  42. Justin says


    You are angry and to me you sound like an ignorant bigot..with an anger issue and an opinion filled with hate and anger.

    How do you know why they like each other?

    It has nothing to do with you!

  43. Kim says

    I get it “Holier than Thou” when Black Gay men are just considered a “BBC” rather than a man …. Do you ever see ads for a Big White C##k?

  44. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “wow…do famous out black people ever date other blacks?”

    Yes, James. Bessie Smith, Alberta Hunter, Ethel Waters, Gladys Bentley, Billy Strayhorn, Angela Davis, Raymond St. Jaques(on the down low), and I believe Paul Wynfield (but I’m not sure about him). And me, after I hit the Powerball.

    It happens.

  45. Paul B. says

    At the end of the day I ask myself…why shouldn’t gay folks be just as likely to screw up having a relationship? We all know they’ve made a mess of most of theirs so now we get to do it in public too…for all the world to see. I’m not sure why we even want “what they have”…it’s been a disaster for them and they’ve managed to set the bar so low. We should do it better…that would be easy…we do everything else better, don’t we. Live & let live…screw it up…fix it up…try again.

  46. says

    well James, thanks to white supremacy many blacks grow up thinking they are only worth anything if they find them a nice looking white mate. It’s called internalized racism. It can be hard to overcome actually. I, myself dealt with it for a while. I wouldn’t date guys darker than me and I’m pretty light to begin with. I even had a stint where I ONLY dated white guys because they were the only ones I was convinced were attractive which makes no sense when I’m a black man myself.

    Anyway, I hope these two men are happy. If so that’s all that really matters. I try not to turn my nose up at these type of relationships, they really just bother me sometimes because of the power dynamic.

    Although with interracial couples you have to be careful of fetishization. I can’t count the number of times white guys have come after me because they wanted some BBC or wanted a time with a thug(which I’m not). It’s degrading and racist as fudge.

  47. SpaceCadet says

    Wow, gotta love how an innocuous article on a couple in love brings out the homophobes, the racists, and the ageists! Congrats to the happy couple and a bunch of you are just really sad and jealous. Good luck with that!

  48. says

    I don’t know about the racism (internalized or fetishized) or the ageism or the homophobia… they seem happy and they make a handsome couple, they are both adults… next.

  49. jaker says

    having a preference for fudge is objectifying and raciss! white people are devils, y’all.

  50. Derrick from Philly says

    @…having a preference for fudge is objectifying and raciss! white people are devils, y’all.”

    Rick, remember, the more fake names you invent on Andy’s blog the smaller your penis will shrink. I know Hoodoo, honey. I’m going to work a root on your pale flat azz.

  51. Scott says

    I am 29 and am in a relationship with a guy that is 47. I met him at a dinner party and asked him out to dinner and we have been in a relationship since the end of 2011.

    I’ve dated quite a bit and this is the happiest relationship I have ever had…

    Take that to all the negative posters on this board

  52. David says

    Not to throw shade at the happy couple, but count me among the ones that view relationships such as this with a small amount of suspicion. I have seen very few relationships in America that consisted of an older man of color with a younger white male on his arm. I have, however, seen plenty more of the opposite or similar aged interracial couples. Why do I get the feeling that a lot of these guys probably wouldn’t have looked twice at a man of color when they were in their 20’s, 30’s, and maybe even their 40’s? Yet all of a sudden when they start pushing 50, they somehow magically gain a newfound open mindedness.

  53. Maverick69 says

    So much for equality. They equally chose to say yes to this date, have dinner and be photographed together. If they should equally decide another date good for them and I wish them the best. tsk, tsk to my community for the harsh comments. We’ve been fighting the good fight to the Hetro community that “Love is Love” but only in our community does come with an asterisk.

  54. David says

    You’re right, I’m guilty. But that doesn’t change my point. I just feel like I’ve seen far to many men of color would that step over a perfectly well adjusted, stable, and sexy man color in order to get to a white man just to make themselves feel validated.

  55. DENVER says

    AHHHHH! So that is the issue: you have been passed over DAVID? Got it. And you think it is ALL about validation? As if some black men can’t just be attracted to white men or men regardless of color because that is their preference? Just like white people can be attracted to men of color? It’s validation, not attraction? Good grief!

  56. says

    I wonder if the people criticizing these two guys go around criticizing every other couple for their perceived flaws.

    Really, it is none of your business. Your complaints tell me more about your own problems than about this apparently happy couple.

  57. Derrick from Philly says

    @ DAVID,

    you know, when I was younger I resented the interracial couples that I saw. Usually, the Black guy was gorgeous, and I thought, ” Oh, no, this White b.tch is getting this beautiful Black man and I don’t have anyone”

    That’s the same transition I went through with interratical adoption….” it really doesn’t matter.”

    Well, I’m not going to tell you how to think, darlin’. But I went through something similar.

    But now I accept people who’ve overcome …well, who’ve over come.

  58. David says

    I’m not jealous or resentful of interracial couples. All I want is for people to be happy with themselves. Date who you want. Love who you want. But it should be for the right reasons.

  59. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Love who you want. But it should be for the right reasons

    Yes, David, absolutely, yes.

    I apprecitated you posting. I truly did.

  60. DENVER says

    “But it should be for the right reasons.”

    Yes David, and how do you know what their reasons are? Are they the reasons that you approve of or what they approve of? Who makes that choice? Them, or you? But, of course you aren’t throwing shade on them while throwing shade on them and judging!

  61. Still says

    I don’t think black men who choose to date white men are necessarily “passing over” their fellow black men. I do think there is something amiss about a 47-year old white man who is dating a newly out 22-year old, newly out black male.

  62. Mickw says

    It is so sad that all of these out black gays are running to white people and to the white gay community instead of trying to find other black people to be with and to uplift the black gay community.

    It is a shame we have no black famous gay people to represent the black gay community.

  63. Boney says


    We do, but it seems that they’d rather play in the snow than sip on chocolate.

  64. James says

    Some black people do interracial date for the wrong reasons looking for validation from white guys.Thats when you get these mismatch relationships like this one.Like someone else wrote I have never seen a old black man with some young white guy.Buy plenty the other way around.Perfect example of a mismatch couple is Don Lemon and his bf.Don is a good looking guy but his bf not cute at all but the most important thing to Don is that he’s white.

  65. James says

    Some black people do interracial date for the wrong reasons looking for validation from white guys.Thats when you get these mismatch relationships like this one.Like someone else wrote I have never seen a old black man with some young white guy.Buy plenty the other way around.Perfect example of a mismatch couple is Don Lemon and his bf.Don is a good looking guy but his bf not cute at all but the most important thing to Don is that he’s white.

  66. Kim says

    @James Don Lemon is a Black Man who is 48 his white boyfriend, Ben is 28.He was 23 when they started dating

  67. Kim says

    Also Don’s boyfriend when he worked in Chicago was Black.Don has dated Black and White men.Every Black man with a White Partner is not a Snow Queen.

  68. ny2.0 says

    Ugh, I must admit to being a bit disappointed in this. I was hoping Gordon would find someone more closer to his life experiences. I try not to be ageist but this just doesn’t seem kosher.

    They are worlds apart in life experiences. And yes, there is that older white male and his fetish of a young black kid thing going on here which is a very real phenomenon in the gay community.
    All I can do is wish them all the best.

  69. Karl says

    McCullough won an award last month for his work in Hustling, a show covered at Towleroad. He hasn’t been on CSI in years.

    As for the relationship, if two adults can find happiness together at whatever age, more power to them.

  70. Boney says

    To be fair, the last four or so high-profile coming outs (Tom Daley, Robbie Rogers, and Derrick Gordon) by gay athletes in the past year and a half or so have been followed by their being romantically linked to much older men.

    These young athletes seem to have a “coach fetish” as well.

  71. Yang says

    I’m getting married soon to an american, who is 64, i’m 32 malaysian chinese. I find all this talk about apparent age difference/race is somewhat overblown. If you so creeped out/disgusted please tell the couple in their face in person instead of hiding behind a comment section.

    I have alot to say about this but to keep it short and simple, you WILL never know who you will fall in love with. If you have a check list ticking who you are going to love is it actually love?

  72. BETTY says

    James you have made way too many assumptions in your post. You know nothing about their relationships so stop trying to analyse them.

    “Don is a good looking guy but his bf not cute at all but the most important thing to Don is that he’s white.” That is probably the stupidest post I have seen on here and there are plenty to choose from. You are sad.

  73. me says

    This really is not uncommon at all. Not my cup of tea but I see nothing wrong with age gaps if both people are happy.

  74. says

    I dated a guy once whom I pegged at around 42-46. I was in my early twenties then and I thought that gap was large but it didn’t bother me and he was a good lover and boyfriend. We dated a good six months, I met many of his friends and associates. He was handsome, well-established and romantic. Eventually we parted when I fell head over for a guy closer to my age (and still with today). We’ve remained good friends. It wasn’t until last year that I found out he was not in his mid-40’s when we dated but mid-50’s. Today he is still handsome, athletic and partnered with another friend who is in his early 40’s. I don’t think age is an overwhelming factor when you fall for someone. It’s not how old you are, its what you do with that age that counts.

  75. Merv says

    If we expect straight people not to be judgmental about our relationships (relationships which might seem strange to them), why are we judgmental about age-separated relationships such as this? I wish them happiness. They look cute together.

  76. kjt says

    People have a bad reaction to these age gap relationships because it feels predatory.

    It reminds me of when my 50 year old ex-boss went to pick up his then 18 year old boyfriend at his parents house. The boy’s parents opened the door and said “Can I help you” and my ex boss said “I’m here to pick your son up for a date” AWKWARD.