1. DamFine says

    Love is love & trying to force me to marry a woman is only going to make me fight harder to sanctify my marriage. My husband & I do not wish to change the definition of marriage. The hetero-Christian Talibanis who want to enbed their religious doctrines into American law must be stopped!!!

  2. jonnathewoodswoman says

    It’s DC? That would be easy to take over. Let Mike Huckabee speak from a podium looking at a sea of gay people and their husbands. An army of lovers.

    It would be amusing to see. I think it’s going to be very sparsely attended.

  3. Hansel Currywurst says

    At the end of the clip YouTube offered me 12 related videos… all of them are comedians joking about how awful mixed-sex weddings and breeder marriage is. Yeah, let’s “save” that.

  4. Bernie says

    get your popcorn out for this fascinating trailer and then be prepared to laugh yourself silly; and as far as the march goes, their 3 1/2 donors will be there with paper bags on to protect their anonymity from the vicious gay people! The gay community should do a counter march and show these a….holes up!

  5. mike/ says

    had to check to see if there was a status change and, nope, NOM is still identified as a hate group by the SPLC. no need to stop. keep movin’ along haters…

  6. simon says

    Wow. There were a lot of people in the civil rights march. They have a lot of close ups of the last year NOM march. At a distance, there weren’t more than a few hundred Numbnuts. Unfortunately, they can’t use the footage of the French million-strong “Manif pour tous” because the signs are in French.

  7. Stefan says

    No kidding Simon. I remember how last year NOM kept lowering their crowd estimates, from 10,000, to 7,000, to finally 5,000 (most crowd experts put it at only between 2,000 and 3,000). A friend of mine was at the neighboring pro-equality rally and he put it at only 1,000 or so.

  8. says

    LOL. It’s hilarious to see NOM waste what precious funds they have left on dreck like that. Brian should have followed Maggie’s lead and bailed with as much of the donation cash as he could carry.

  9. simon says

    If you read the Numbblog, you can see Herr Brown is pissed off with Maggie for saying those negative things about his organization. She is now persona non grata in NOM. That’s why you can’t see her in that ad..

  10. Alberto says

    Funny that they mention a vote of 50 million people as though that number is the MAJORITY, never mind the fact that the population of voters in the US is about 4 times that number, meaning those who are in opposition would be only 25% which would be clearly not the majority as what they want to imply.