NOM’s Brian Brown Says Group is Thinking About Intervening in Pennsylvania Gay Marriage Case

Brian Brown cries in the gallery in July '11 as NY legislature passes marriage equality.

Following Governor Tom Corbett's decision yesterday to let stand the ruling striking down the state's ban on gay marriage, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is considering intervening in the case, says NOM President Brian Brown in a new blog post.

NOM recently tried to intervene in the Oregon case, but was denied.

Writes NOM:

Brown said that the National Organization for Marriage is itself evaluating whether it could intervene in this case on behalf of its Pennsylvania members. It is also looking into what other options might exist to work with people or groups in the state who have standing to mount the strong defense of marriage called for in this case.

Brown said the case is winnable, pointing for support to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to issue a stay in a decision overturning Utah's marriage amendment, as well as to the recent Affirmative Action ruling in Michigan. In the Michigan case, the Supreme Court indicated that social policy decisions, even divisive ones, can be reasonably adjudicated by the people of a state.

"The fact is that if Governor Corbett stood by the principles he claims, he'd have chosen to defend marriage to the very end," Brown added. "The Supreme Court has indicated that they believe marriage should be left to the states and it is within states' rights to decide the matter. The Court very recently indicated as well a favorable view of the democratic role of the popular referendum process. In short, the challenge that the Governor is running away from today is one he most certainly could have won. So someone must step in and work to win."