NYT: Rep. Aaron Schock, Who ‘Has Said That He is Not Gay’ Has a Popular Shirtless Instagram Account


The New York Times profiles Aaron Schock, the Republican congressman who enjoys showing off his abs, and his "popular Instagram persona" in a piece that folks are noticing feels coded.

Writes Jeremy Peters in the NYT:

The photos of him shirtless have garnered the most attention. Never shy about peeling off his clothes, as he did for Men’s Health a few years back, Mr. Schock has posted shots of himself surfing in Hawaii and sliding down a sand dune on a wooden plank and splashing into the water.

“My congressman is like a thousand years old and never does stuff like this,” one admirer wrote.

“Ride it, baby,” a man from New York wrote. Another man commented, “Rawr!” Someone with an anonymous profile wrote, “URGH marry me you fiscally conservative stud you.” (Mr. Schock has said that he is not gay.)

The internet, of course, would say otherwise. And Schock gets touchy about that Instagram account when the gay rumors surface.

And, one person has noted, they have been BLOCKED by Schock from viewing Schock's Instagram account after their username appeared in a screenshot posted by the NYT for this article.

As we noted back in January, rumors that Congressman Schock is gay are not new, and the reason that they continue is purely because of his positions on issues such as marriage equality, and that being an out gay man would also make him a very public hypocrite.

Not only is Schock opposed to same-sex marriage, he supports a federal marriage amendment, opposed repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', opposes the repeal of DOMA and voted against adding sexual orientation to federal hate crimes statutes.


  1. richard says

    I have a friend who works for a suit store in Chicago. Rep Schock buys his suits there and frequently comes in with his boyfriend. I’ve seen him there with my own eyes. And he’s gay. In person, it’s pretty obvious.

  2. Arrow says

    He falls under the “straight narcissist” category. Either way, giving guys boners makes him feel powerful, even if his closet may be full of new suits.

  3. WTF21 says

    I would usually say “girl just wants to have fun” let him be!! However, this one… NO! We as a community should, out him, shame him, shun him, expose him and anything else we can do to bring to light the obvious hate this queen has for the gay community.

  4. John says

    When I read the title “popular shirtless Instagram account” I was expecting Schock to have dozens and dozens of shirtless photos. Of the 60 photos that loaded by default, 2 featured him shirtless. TWO. This is a made up controversy.

  5. I wont grow up says

    Mr. Shock may or may not be gay, but he is most certainly a narcissist. Just because he’s attractive, young and takes care of his body doesn’t mean he’s gay. Good God no wonder the straight world hates us.

  6. Rocky says

    This is gonna hurt but did you notice the guy is going crown bald? He’s losing his hair. By the time he is 40 he’ll have a shiny crown and his ‘dreaminess’ will have dissipated into that of an old man. Ha ha!

  7. Jimi says

    @Rocky – While this guy is kinda cute.. i’ve seen many a bald man who is WAY more attractive than this “dreamy” boy. Though.. I find a shaved head rather hot… I guess it could just be a personal preference.

  8. UrbanMike says

    Guys. This dude is from a Peoria/Sprigfield IL congressional district and is in Chicago frequently. He was seen in Sidetracks in Boystown many times with his boyfriend before running for Congress. I have met him at political events multiple times. The dude is 100% Gay, closeted, and a hypocrite. The IL GOP party leaders know he is and just wish he would come out and move on because they think he has a future.

  9. EchtKultig says

    “as we noted back in January, rumors that Congressman Schock is gay are not new, and the reason that they continue is purely because of his positions on issues such as marriage”

    No, the reason they continue is because everything else about him screams GAY. The gingham-shirt, white capri pants outfit was miles beyond metrosexual.

    The funny cultural twist here is that it seems like as being closeted gets more and more farcical, it also becomes more political: people like him are forced to up the ante, so to speak. The hermeneutics of the closet are slowly being transmogrified by the growing political divide between (extreme) right and center-left. Schock being closeted is his ego’s way of actively showing his contempt for the gay community. He’s aware that he’s gay; he’s aware that he seems gay. Yet he knuckles under to the great anti-gay god (and by extension, to God). And the societal reflection of it is that his hick constituents can have their worldview reified: “You show ’em Aaron, you may be a sissy boy but you ain’t one of the boys who bends”. (I’ll never forget being at a grocery store outside Blacksburg, VA, when I was on a roadtrip to Atlanta. This was in the late 90s. A beat-up old pickup truck was leaving the parking lot and saw a gay couple getting out of their car – the good old boy screamed out the window “look at the boys who bend!” and tore off burning rubber. It was bizarrely analytical for impromptu homophobia.)

  10. Caleb in SC says

    Here’s a slightly different take on Schock. You are a United States Congressman for Christ’s sake. Have a little decorum and keep your clothes on.

  11. gr8guyca says

    There are a few comments that Schock has been seen at stores and Sidetracks with a boyfriend. Guys, next time you see him, take a picture! This is one guy who deserves to be outed for his hypocritical positions.

    And if he is voted “out” of office, does that mean that he is “outed”?

  12. jabber says

    just as we now say “Marriage Equality” instead of “gay marriage” can we start to use the term “Closeted Homosexual” instead of “gay”

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