1. Troy says

    Can’t wait for the documentary or movie on this very important subject of human experience comes out, this would definitely uncover a lot of overdue topics and answer the hurt and pain…Just why wasn’t the Davis story as big as the Sam circus and what is Davis’ truest deep down feelings on his now famous ‘brother’ hmm..who has the book and movie rights to this sizzling story? Could the DL syndrome be over??

  2. NFL Player? says

    I love Wade (seriously, he’s a great guy), but I don’t understand why he is referred to on this site (and elsewhere) as a former NFL player. He went to some training camps, but was never on a roster during the regular season. Ergo, he was not an NFL player – he was an NFL Europe player, though, so why can’t you just say that?

  3. pete n sfo says

    It’s great to have his perspective.

    Do straight guys understand how silly they sound worrying about another guy seeing them naked? It’s laughable.

    I like this guy’s analogy of showering with siblings.

  4. says

    well met!!!

    You know, I’ve never been treated weirdly by any of my straight friends. When I came out in high school one of my best straight buddies went with me to the gaybars to be my wingman. And a big part is that I, like Wade Davis said, made it clear – As a gay man i’m into other gay men. Showering with my straight buds was the exact opposite of a sexual experience.

  5. GregV says

    “…and how to tackle problems that could arise from having a gay player in the locker room.”

    Every time I read a phrase like this, I think a term like “a gay player” should be replaced by the word “homophobia.”

    No problem was ever caused by having a gay player. No gay athlete I’ve ever met has had or caused any problem with Locke rooms or showers. No straight athlete I’ve ever met has ever had any problem caused by a teammate’s being gay.

    When I’ve showered with straight friends after playing a sport, the banter goes something like: “Pass the shampoo” and “”Who wants to get beer and 25-cent wings later?” Any questions they ever had about imaginary “over-excited” gays were quickly answered after I came out to them and they instantly realized how silly those ideas were.

  6. Still says

    This is who Michael Sam should be dating. Wade Davis would be able to provide the mature perspective that he will definitely need in the months ahead.

  7. JOE 2 says

    Football: a hypermasculine sport in which plays begin with one man crouching with his ass toward a second man’s groin, and the second man reaches between the first man’s legs to grab a ball.

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