Quebec Government Picking Up Cost of in vitro Fertilization for Gay Couple’s Surrogate

The Quebec government is picking up the cost for fertility treatments of a surrogate mother acting on behalf of a gay male couple, a change that has led to renewed scrutiny of the province’s involvement in subsidizing expensive in vitro fertilization programs.

The Globe and Mail reports:

Joël LegendreMedia personality Joël Legendre (pictured) joyfully announced on his Facebook page this week that he was expecting twins with his partner this summer, thanks to a Quebec woman who agreed to act as a surrogate. Her in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is being covered under the province’s health-insurance plan.

Mr. Legendre, a radio host, said the IVF program had been unfair because while lesbian couples could benefit, gay men could not.

“It was impossible for two men,” he said to a radio interviewer. “It’s completely discriminatory.”

After multiple rejections by the Quebec health-insurance board, Mr. Legendre appealed to his provincial MNA for help, who in turn passed along the request to Réjean Hébert, health minister under the previous Parti Québécois government.

A week later, Legendre was informed that the policy had been changed and that gay male couples could now be covered under the program. Legendre said several other male couples he knows followed suit. 

The province, which became the first to fully fund IVF, is currently reviewing the program. IVF costs exploded this year to $67 million, from $27 million in its first eight months in 2010. Liberal health minister Gaétan Barrette has described the IVF program as an “open bar” and says the program needs clearer guidelines. 


  1. drew says

    As someone who lives in one of the other provinces that sends money to Quebec, I really don’t approve of my tax dollars being used like this. Adopt.

  2. Hue-Man says

    « On a d’abord voulu adopter, comme je l’ai fait pour mon premier enfant, mais c’est très difficile en ce moment partout à travers le monde [pour les couples gais]. En adoptant au Québec, on s’est rendu compte qu’on était considéré famille d’accueil pendant deux ans [avant de pouvoir adopter] », a expliqué M. Legendre.
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    “We initially wanted to adopt, as I did for my first child, but it is very difficult at the moment around the world [for gay couples]. Adopting in Quebec, we realized we were considered a host family for two years [before adopting].” said Mr. Legendre.

  3. RonCharles says

    Now, this is the type of activity in which the Province of Quebec should be involved. It helps make the lives of its citizens better, and it helps out families there, both gay and straight. All Canadian provinces should do this. In addition, it helps raise the native birth rate in Quebec that is far too low at present.

  4. RonCharles says

    For all of those who are constantly bleating about adoption, there is nothing that is stopping your going out and adopting. Stop telling other people what to do, and practice what you preach. If you believe in adoption so much, do it yourself!