Russian Police Arrest Activists at Moscow Gay Pride Rally: VIDEO


At least six people were arrested at two gay pride rallies in Moscow on Saturday.

Writes Evgeny Feldman at Mashable:

On Saturday, there were about 30 participants in the two rallies, compared with perhaps 60 or 70 last year. One demonstration was held in front of the Moscow mayor's office, a traditional site for such rallies. It was meant to honor Conchita Wurst, a drag performer who won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Women painted beards on their faces to match Wurst's signature look. A second rally was held in an area dubbed "Hyde Park," which is meant to quarantine free-speech demonstrations. Although authorities had apparently permitted that rally, at least four people were arrested.

Tweets by Feldman below, with photos.

More photos here.



  1. John says

    When we complain about how Pride Fests in the US have become corporate affairs, we do well to remember there was a time when we were also spit at, thrown at, beaten and arrested. It wasn’t so long ago, and though I miss the thrill, I wouldn’t go back for anything. I second @LETSODOMRING. True bravery.

  2. Randy says

    My thoughts exactly. Those brave souls, bless them! What is a matter with that butch Putin that he won’t allow all his citizens to have freedom! Shame!

  3. Mike says

    In the eyes of the world Putin with his phony bravado and phony everything has already lost . . .

    The COURAGE these heroes display can not help but be compared to the lone person bravely standing in front of the line of tanks in Tiananmen Square.

    Russia has GAY PRIDE with these people!

  4. says

    Heartbreaking. These are brave, courageous people. We should all remember, as Pride celebrations make their way through our cities, that in so many places around the world they do not have the freedom we have to march, to protest, to be VISIBLE AND OUT.


    To think that brave men and women are risking their lives and safety to do what so many north american gay people dismiss out of, let’s be real, their own insecurity and wannabe-contrarian posturing. We march for those who cannot. We speak out for those who have yet to find their voice. We cannot afford to be silent or invisible.

    My mum talks about that – how there are mothers in Russia who cannot stand before a crowd and talk about how proud they are of their gay children,, how much they love their gay children, without being arrested, or attacked.

    Do not waste your time on this earth, with the privileges afforded you by the sheer dumb luck of your location of birth, by refusing to stand up, speak out and change things.

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