Senator Al Franken Steps Up Fight To Save Net Neutrality: VIDEO


We are in danger of losing Net Neutrality now that the FCC Chair Tom Wheeler is considering letting internet and cable providers create data "fast lanes" for companies willing to shell out the money for it, relegating everyone else to crippled bandwidth. Net Neutrality, for those unfamiliar, essentially states that ISPs can't discriminate in terms of allocating bandwidth to specific sites, that speed is only influenced by the bandwidth capacity and location of the ISPs servers.

Losing Net Neutrality means that providers could charge extra for unimpeded access to sites like YouTube, or that Comcast (for example) could reduce access to Amazon Instant Video to a crawl in order to make the content on NBC - whom they own - more palatable.

Senator Al Franken is taking a stand against the potential loss of Net Neutrality and has a petition up to call for the FCC Chair to either abide by President Obama's promise to defend Net Neutrality, or to step down from his position. As of this writing, the petition has 90% of the required signatures needed.

You can watch a slightly gaming-centric rundown of Net Neutrality by Extra Credits and Senator Franken's call to action AFTER THE JUMP...