Six Moroccan Men Jailed For Homosexuality

Article 489 of the Moroccan penal code punishes homosexuality with up to three years in prison, and now six young men may be facing that full sentence after the father of one of them called the police on the whole group, accusing the other five of "coercing" his son into deviant acts. So, Anita Bryant's vile "recruitment" allegations in a fez.

MoroccoThey were also arrested on charges of public drunkenness and prostitution, the latter of which is often tacked on due to the mistaken belief that money is the only motivator for gay sex, not pleasure or love.

Said Khadija Riyadi, a member and former president of The Moroccan Association of Human Rights (AMDH),

There is a lot of hypocrisy here. They know that pre-marital sex is very common here. They know there are openly operating [brothels] and that police even profit from that. And we still sometimes arrest people for sexual crimes. It’s hypocrisy[…]The authorities generally from what I see let the foreigners do what they want when they are gay. It happens [that they are arrested too], but generally they are indulgent.

Last year a Spanish pedophile was released from jail which sparked a protest of thousands, and last fall a girl committed suicide after being forced to marry her rapist, a marriage which likely ocurred because it exonerates the rapist from his crime under Article 475 of the Moroccan penal code. Perhaps Morocco isn't the best country to be legislating on sex crimes.


  1. Rick says

    “There is a lot of hypocrisy here. They know that pre-marital sex is very common here”

    “The authorities generally from what I see let foreigners do what they want when they are gay. It happens [that they are arrested too] but generally they are indulgent”

    No kidding. Any gay man who has ever been to Morocco and is even marginally attractive knows that you will have to beat Moroccan men off with a stick…and even then they will harrass you for sex repeatedly. I had one stand and wait for me for an hour outside a cafe after I had told him no again and again–and had tried to escape from him by going into the cafe.

    Of course, the positive aspect of this is that the ones that you are attracted to are more or less yours for the asking–virtually all Moroccan men (and boys) are actively bisexual–even the Lonely Planet guide concedes this.

    So I am sure the only reason for the arrest in this instance was that the father wanted it because he was angry with his son and desirous of teaching him a lesson.

  2. Rick says

    @Derrick Not a dream. Very real, I assure you–and my experience of other Islamic countries has been similar, although I admittedly have not been to any of the “hard-core” countries (Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.)

  3. Rick says

    The only reason I go there is because few people have qualms with the age of consent. The little boys down there need the money and I’m more than happy to oblige them. Seriously, these young guys/ young men/prepubescent boys literally throw themselves at you hoping to trade sex for an improved quality of life. I’m a humanitarian in that way.

  4. disgusted american says

    …seriously..Rick?! That’s rhetorical….while I appreciate your upfrontness….it’s really TMI

  5. Bill says

    @disgusted american: there’s some character calling himself Rick that a lot of people dislike. Sometimes people forge comments using his name.

    I don’t care for Rick either, but I’m “old fashioned” (I guess) and think that forging someone’s name is, to put it mildly, bad form.

  6. MaryM says


    Morocco is only 50% Arab.

    The other half is Berber.

    Do you only hate the Arab half of the population?

  7. lukebrux says

    I mostly blame the rich European gay tourist that still go there even if they know what’s happening. The local Police is widely corrupted and they accept money from gay tourists to turn their sight to the other side. Different situation for locals, hundreds of Moroccans are in jail for homosexuality and are considered like paedophiles.

  8. Terry Miller says

    *passed* [not past]

    …and I meant one “gay bar” in the way we think of gay bars; there were seven gay bars & clubs including one world-class disco; I write only of the one that seemed gay-identity gay bar