Sticker Protest of Mississippi’s Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Law Planned for Ole Miss Graduation


A protest of Mississippi's anti-gay 'religious freedom' law is planned for this weekend at Ole Miss, the AP reports:

CozartOne protest is expected Saturday when the governor speaks at the University of Mississippi's graduation in Oxford. Organizer Kevin Cozart (pictured) said he has distributed more than 350 lapel stickers with a rainbow-striped map of Mississippi and a quote from the university creed: "I believe in respect for the dignity of each person."

Cozart is a graduate student and former adviser to UM Pride Network, a group that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students. He said students, faculty members and some administrators have requested stickers to express low-key opposition to the law.

"People that I didn't expect to get involved are asking for stickers," Cozart said.

Bryant spokeswoman Nicole Webb said she does not expect the protest to be disruptive.

(sticker image via instagram)


  1. Perry says

    Graduation ceremonies are not the place for protests. Graduation is for celebrating a major accomplish and looking forward to a whole new life. Save the protests for a separate event.

  2. BDN says

    Save the protests for when, exactly, Perry? Look, entire articles have been written about whether or not self-absorbed graduates should take selfies when they receive their diploma. So actually taking the initiative to raise awareness in a non-disruptive way about a hateful law (and supporting Mississippi store owners whose own stickers of support have made them targets for bullies)? It’s a terrific idea and Cozart should be commended.

    Yes, graduates should be able to look forward to a whole new life. Except in Mississippi, gay graduates can be subjected to blatant discrimination simply because of someone’s “religious objections.” And a sticker protest is too much for you? Please.

  3. TampaZeke says

    Wow Perry. You find it inappropriate to wear a protest STICKER to a graduation.

    Thank god the gay rights movement wasn’t left in your hands! You would have told the drag queens at Stonewall to sit down, shut up and politely cooperate with the nice policemen.

  4. TampaZeke says

    I say this as a Oxford, Mississippi native and an Ole Miss alumnus…To what “separate event” might you be referring? Have you ever been to Mississippi? They don’t exactly have gay rights protests and Pride parades every other weekend.

  5. Steve says

    Perry, In other graduations with ‘unwelcome’ speakers people have left, stood up and turned around; etc. Why should graduates, families and friends not show mild disrespect to a hateful speaker? Look what just happened to Pasadena College, they dis-invited a gay speaker over a ‘gay porn selfie’, then invited a city employee who hates gays, dis-invited him, and re-invited the original fellow all because of student protest. I most certainly do not go to churches which condemn me; I would not go to a graduation ceremony where I was told I was not worth the price of a stamp. This protest is relatively mild. I would love it better if they put it on their caps and sat backwards showing it during his speech, and if like most graduations if he hands out diplomas or stands for congratulatory hand shakes, I would not shake his hand either.

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