Teachers Fired from Catholic Schools for Being Gay Request Meeting with the Pope

The Human Rights Campaign has sent a letter to the Vatican requesting an audience with the Pope on behalf of nine teachers who have lost their jobs at Catholic schools for being LGBT or supporting an LGBT person.

FrancisSays the letter, in part:

We write to you today with humility to request a Papal audience. With loving eloquence you have explained that the role of the Church is to restore what is broken and unite what has been divided. In this spirit of wholeness and reconciliation, we hope you will agree to meet with us and our families to hear our stories.

“We have devoted years, some of us even decades, to serving our communities as teachers, leaders and role models. We have made a conscious choice to work within the Catholic Church because we strongly believe that a Catholic education prepares our young people to be responsible citizens, men and women for others. For each and every one of us, our employment was far more than just a job – it was a reflection of our core Catholic values.”

…All of us were fired for whom we love – whether it be for committing ourselves to one person, and one person only, for the rest of our lives, or for embracing and supporting our own children unconditionally. Love is one of the greatest gifts God bestows upon us, and we can think of nothing more sacred than loving another human being through challenges, sicknesses and times of distress. The Church celebrates this type of sacred commitment. But for some reason, it rejects that same commitment when it’s between loving LGBT people. For some reason, it rejects that love when a mother embraces her LGBT child.

Read the full letter here.


  1. simon says

    “we strongly believe that a Catholic education prepares our young people to be responsible citizens, men and women for others.”
    Nothing could be further than the truth.
    Yet HRC claimed to be representing LGBT people?

  2. David From Canada says

    I believe that the new Pope, Francis, would be sympathetic to their cause. He seems to be a kind, benevolent man.
    These people have got nothing to lose and very possibly something worthwhile to gain. Go for it!

  3. SeattleMike says

    Good for them. If there’s any pope who would be receptive to this message, it’s Francis.

  4. Paul B. says

    Lovely gesture…wasted on the this pope. He’s may be the best of a bad batch…but rotten apples are rotten apples…some more, some less.

  5. johnnybegood says

    I think if you were lucky enough to catch Adolph right after a good BJ…smoking a cigarette, enjoying a nice cognac…he would spare a nice jew or two…just in that rare moment. But…run you fool!!

  6. simon says

    Like a secret society, no one really knows what happens in the corridors of power within the Vatican. Good intention doesn’t always translate into good action, assuming it is his intention in the first place. The question is :
    Does the Pope hold absolute power over his cardinals and bishops?
    History seems to show the answer is negative.
    Some unpopular Popes mysteriously died and some arguments led to the schism in the Church due to disobedience of the bishops.

  7. abel says

    There is no chance of this. The powers surrounding His Holiness will never permit it.

  8. rick says

    It is kind of funny that people really believe this. No surprise that they are the same people who believe in sky fairies. Again and again, whenever the Pope sent out a positive message, the anti-Pope (someone called Timmy) sent a counter-message. Some may wonder :
    Is the Church suffering from multiple personality disorder?

  9. simon says

    Immediately after the UN report condemning the Vatican of covering up crimes within the Church, a Vatican spokesman pointed his finger at the gays who supposedly were behind the report. Gays are imaginary enemies of the Church and there are still people who want to work in a place with teachings regarding them as “disordered”.

  10. Rick says

    Instead of appealing to the archbishops in New York or San Francisco, they chose to go directly to the Pope. Are they that naive that they think the Pope will overrule all his American bishops?

  11. james street james says

    “oy weh” said the Pope. “I just get back from Israel, and now this! oy oy geh weh”

    The Pope gets in touch with his Yiddish self. “Oh, the pain!”

    The horns of a dilemma. What’s a Pope to do? His response will be most revealing.

  12. Merv says

    They need to show some self-respect and stop begging for scraps from our oppressors.

  13. catholicandlgbtrightsactivist says

    pope francis will do it im sure.under Vatican II,which came out 70 years ago,it became illegal to discriminate against the lgbt community,it was decided they should be treated with the upmost respect and kindness…short of marriage.there are gay Catholics who back there church.it is not homophobic,firing these people went against vatican II.also,theirs a gay lobby in the vatican now. most states do not have such a law.

  14. catholicandlgbtrightsactivist says

    the apparent homophopbia is due to a few rouge bishops pope francis just needs to defrock already,he needs to stop turning the other cheek for two seconds.

  15. Matt Foreman says

    OK, HRC is upset with Catholic schools firing teachers who don’t subscribe to (pernicious) Roman Catholic doctrine on homosexuality. But, HRC’s prime federal bill – ENDA – specifically allows this kind of discrimination. HRC can’t have it both ways.

  16. simon says

    Not just a few bishops for sure. Can you name a single American archbishop who is gay-friendly? Or even non-homophobic? The thing about “short of marriage”. It is precisely those who were married legally in their states were discriminated by their schools. No matter how you spin it, it is still homophobia.

  17. Sinbad says

    The Church is losing people who put money in the collection plates every Sunday. So long as the local Bishops persecute Gays, the collection plates will be less full than they might be if they were truly Gay Friendly and accept them as GOD MADE THEM.