Texas GOP Blocks Gay Republican Group from State Convention

Log Cabin Republicans announced yesterday that they have been denied formal participation at the Texas State Republican Convention.

Gop_texasWrote the group in a press release:

“Overall, Log Cabin Republicans of Texas has found incredible support within the Republican party — Texans, like the rest of the country, are evolving on LGBT rights issues,” said Log Cabin Republicans of Texas Chairman Jeffrey Davis. “The Republican Party of Texas has even welcomed many of our members as delegates to the Texas State Republican Convention. However, the party has denied our several attempts to host a booth in the convention exhibit hall, citing archaic language in the party platform to support their actions. We deserve to occupy a booth just like anyone else, and it’s time that the Texas GOP’s hypocritical policies and procedures are replaced by new ones that match the general opinion of Texan Republican voters.”

MunisteriTexas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri (right) told TPM that the group was denied not because they are gay but because "of the association with the promotion for gay marriage" which is not in the party's platform.

The party's platform on homosexuality reads:

We affirm that the practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of society and contributes to the breakdown of the family unit. Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental, unchanging truths that have been ordained by God, recognized by our country’s founders, and shared by the majority of Texans. Homosexuality must not be presented as an acceptable “alternative” lifestyle, in public policy, nor should “family” be redefined to include homosexual “couples.” We believe there should be no granting of special legal entitlements or creation of special status for homosexual behavior, regardless of state of origin. Additionally, we oppose any criminal or civil penalties against those who oppose homosexuality out of faith, conviction or belief in traditional values.


  1. Chadd says

    Every time we fight a battle for equal rights, there is a Republican on the other side of the argument. I could never vote for a Republican no matter how progressive they are, because once in Congress, they vote with their party (otherwise why be a Republican?). At minimum they contribute to a number that can give the GOP a majority where they will pursue their right-wing agenda. So as usual, I am asking the LCR: What is the point? Your chosen party doesn’t want you. How much clearer can they make that for you?

  2. Rich L. says

    They accept your campaign contributions. They accept your volunteer assistance. They accept your vote for Republican candidates. They accept your NOT voting for Democrat or Independent candidates.

    But the thing is, they don’t accept you.

  3. says

    been saying it for hearts. Gregory T. Angelo is a coward and a wimp – and clearly doesn’t get it. No matter how much he slanders “liberals’, no matter how much he hates President Obama, no matter how hard he swings his teeny-wee bat to do The Right’s bidding….he has yet to command the respect or admiration or affection or SUPPORT of his chosen republican political allies.

    put two and two together, you brainless wimps. hating leftists and liberals and Democrats hasn’t made your families or friends or political allies any less ashamed of you. and it’s because you make it clear that you’re not people of worth. they vote against you, you still support them. you act like doormats, they walk over you and use you to scrape the dog-s**t from their boots.

    and you ask for more.


    get it right – YOUR WAY doesn’t work. it has not worked. you make it clear you beg for tolerance, and that’s why you never get SUPPORT or SOLIDARITY. we liberals don’t hAVE that problem.

    I can see them now, sitting around crying, “I don’t get it! we said all the things they want us to say! we hate the left! we hate obama! we even hate other gays! why do our families and fellow republicans still hate us!!?!?”

    because you’re a bunch of lowly worms slithering in the mud, that’s why.

    sidenote: take a quick trip, if you dare, to gaypatriot.net

    you’ll note they’re avoiding talking about this story. they’re choosing instead, and i’m not kidding, to be angry about the Obama administration designating LGBT-specific historical landmarks. i’m dead serious. avoid talking about the ongoing anti-gay hate in the GOP, and spin a pro-LGBT story into…oh whatever. check it out.

  4. Trev says

    Is there a clinical definition for self-loathing disorder? Something that would describe people who cling to the power structures or parental figures that abuse and reject them rather than forming healthy, independent, wholesome personalities?

    Seems like such a definition would offer much-needed perspective on folks like the LCR.

  5. says

    it’s stockholm syndrome TREV – these boys don’t realize how obvious it is. we get it – they have to “hate those other gays and liberals” in order for their own families to TOLERATE them. TOLERANCE is what gay republicans aim for, because they can’t get actual acceptance, embracement, love, support and solidarity.

    where are the family members of these Gay Republicans – making loud statements in support of their children? Nowhere to be found.

    Gay Conservative blogs are IGNORING this story! WHY? It’s not something that they can in any way spin into laying blame on Obama, that’s why.

    Gay Republicans beg for pithy little amounts of tolerance. And never get it. They simply aren’t confident enough to put two and two together. “If i hate those other gays, maybe my s**t family will accept me” – it’s akin to the “i hate fems” demographic of gay male cowards.

    You were raised by stereotype-hating dirtbags, and rather than acknowledge that your family and community are crap, you blame the people your dirtbag family and community has chosen, CHOSEN, to hate.

    they will never command respect as long as they castrate themselves for tolerance.

    and where are their families and allies? we liberals have our families standing up for us -where are theirs? oh. right. pretending their sons don’t exist.

  6. says

    Found incredible support? Oh, please. The LCR’s have been at it for close to 40 years and haven’t received an ounce of support from the anti-gay party whose a** they’ve been kissing all that time. They have nothing to show for decades of work except how out of touch they are.

  7. Knight of the Sorrowful Countenance says

    I used to practice law with Steve Munisteri. I was an associate at the firm, but I was open about my sexuality from day one, and it was never an issue for Steve. One of the name partners at the firm was also openly gay. Steve treated everyone with respect and no one’s sexuality was ever an issue at the firm at any point. Thus it really disappoints me for Steve, as party chairman, to exclude these groups for any reason. I simply cannot believe that he personally agrees with this exclusion or with this ridiculous plank in his party’s platform. However, his actions indicate otherwise. I must accept that he is not the man that I believed him to be.

  8. says

    @KNIGHT – ever see the interview with Gay republican (i believe he’s an LCR member…) Matt Salmon Jr? His father, Matt Salmon Sr is an arizona republican, and a Mormon. and sent his son, for years, to de-gaying reparative therapy camps. now, he’s no longer trying to force his son to change his orientation. instead, he simply chooses to continue promoting anti-gay prejudice and codified discrimination, and opposes any and all laws that would otherwise view and treat his son as a Person of Equal Worth.

    Salmon Jr says “my father loves me” – it’s akin to what you experienced working with Munisteri. Someone who politely smiles to your face, then works and extends efforts to demean you as a human being, and deny you you equality and personhood.

    ain’t that a kicker? at least now you know.

  9. Richard says

    And cue the expressions of shock from the LCR crew. It’s Texas AND Republican folks. Why did the scorpion sting the frog that was ferrying it on its back across the river? Cuz it’s a feckin’ scorpion. That’s why.

  10. dommyluc says

    Dear LCR,
    They will NEVER like you. They will NEVER accept you. They will NEVER let you play in the sandbox. Wake up, you delusional freaks. I’ve smoked a lot of weed in my day, but never enough to be as delusional as members of the LCR.

  11. Mike says

    Perhaps if Liberals didn’t flaunt their alternative lifestyles in the faces of the Conservatives that run this country we’d make more progress. This group, and its in-your-face agenda, has only itself to blame for not being offered a seat at the adult’s table.

    Civil rights are only truly won when those most hesitant to change see the light. We get it: you’re here, you’re queer. Now shut up about it – the adults are talking.

  12. Mike says

    For example, my family is anti-gay. So do you know what I did? I cut my testicles off to show them that I’d never be like you stereotypical gays who date other gay guys and have sex. And you know what’s happened? they hit me less than they used to. So, clearly, I’ve figured this all out.

  13. Mike says

    Little Kiwi/Derrick (and probably Rick): I didn’t have to cut my balls off. My family just ignores me. It’s the only way they could stomach having “one of those” for a relative. They don’t hate me as much as I hate myself.

  14. ToThePoint says

    Why do I hate republicans? Because they hate me. At this point, I will never ever vote for ANY repug….EVER, even if they ALL “evolve” and endorse basic human dignity with equality and justice for ALL! Eff them ALL!

  15. james street james says

    I get it now. Log Cabin Republicans lack the ability to comprehend written words.

    Maybe because they read by candle light in those dingy cabins?

  16. Bernie says

    and I rest my point?!?!??! Being a gay Republican is an oxymoron! Why would any group want to be part of a party that hates them and disallows them?!?!!

  17. Gay Guy says

    Yes, Chadd that’s my point too. A bad Democrat is better than a good Republican because they vote with their leadership (or at least they vote to put Republican leadership in place).

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