1. says

    the heart SINGS!

    this is what it means to be a parent. this is what supporting your child is supposed to be about. how wonderful for Ryland to have been born to a family of open and intelligent and compassionate human beings. MORE PLEASE.

    worth noting – at a recent PFLAG meeting we had six new families coming in, to get support and understand what the “next steps” are as their children have come out as transgendered. how wonderful to see our society and culture embracing actual understanding and rationale, and forgoing the archaic “i don’t like what i choose to not understand” nonsense that has stymied progress for so long.

    this story is wonderful. spread it like wildfire.

  2. Homo Genius says

    Cant tie shoes on her own but she’s some how capable of making gender decisions??? and there is no such thing as “lGBTQ community”

    Can the trannies please stop coming after our children?

  3. says

    This six-year-old child is not a “he.” The child was born a girl and is a “she.” I’m sure the child is very proud of the fact that SHE was able to control her parents like this and get them to say and do everything she wants. They would have deserved an “inspiration” award more if they had said, “No” to this kid a little more often. No wonder why men who (very badly) dress as women act so entitled out in public.

    If their child had said “I think I’m a rabbit,” would they have gone along with that too?

  4. Mike says

    As a pediatrician I say this is insanity to do this to a child before the onset of puberty. I suppose they’ll get some quack to start anti-estrogens or possibly remove the ovaries? Jesus Christ talk about fcked up! Treating a prepubertal child like you wouldn’t treat a dog. You have no clue how this child will react at 12 or 13 when the pituitary hormones are released and now some external force will fck with that. Outrageous.

  5. says

    Here’s what every trans story on towleroad reveals: this site has one or two cowardly gay males whose families never loved and accepted them. now – MANY gay men have s**t families – but many gay men rise above, and see that the problem was their s**t family, not Others. To the troll, using this inspiring story to spew hate – we get it. We truly do. You’re upset that this trans boy was understood, loved, accepted, embraced – and you as a gay man were not.

    you should be happy that Ryland will grow up with a sense of dignity, and love and strength and confidence that you have never known, and never WILL know.

    the day an anti-trans commenter on this site has the orbs to make their comments from a place of legit visibility is…oh who am i kidding? that day will never come.

    we get it, troll. you hate that “those others” are accepted and welcomed, and you never were. choose instead to be happy that Ryland will grow up to achieve all that you never were able to – including giving and receiving love with people who know how.

  6. Rene says

    HMMM, you’re contributing to fostering understanding in the LGB AND T community. In many ways, we ARE a community. We may not all party together, and we may not all have friends, but our rights are intrinsically tied together.

    You can fight over a word, its etymology, whether it’s slang or slur, who should be able to use it, etc., but you shouldn’t stoop so low as to disavow someone’s identity and desires to have the same rights and privileges you want.

    And just as many of us who are gay knew it very, very early on, so is the case with many trans men and women.

    F^ck off, you ignorant pr!ck.

  7. Rick says

    I play a pediatrician in online comments, so my opinion matters. Lolz at you people.

  8. says

    I don’t know about all the rest of you but I knew I was gay when I was probably 4 years old. I didn’t know there was a word (gay) for how I felt but I did know that I liked boys and never once saw myself with a girl. And my dad, a single parent, recognized my sexual orientation early and embraced rather than shunned it. As did my older brothers and only sister. I was never made to feel an outcast or unloved. As a teen, my brothers went out of their way to find gay guys for me to become friends with. The good thing is, it was an older brother’s best friend who is now my love, partner and husband. From such experience I believe Ryland will do just fine, despite those who are so desperate to condemn gay and transgender people.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Agree Kiwi and Mike Ryan,

    what a beautiful family and what a beautiful AND HEALTHY little boy.

    Lord, first CRISPY had me laughing so hard on the “Making Love” discussion, now, I’m crying with joy looking at this video.

    I’m gettin’ the hell away from this computer.

  10. says

    Cary – rest assured, the anti-trans commenter is one sad lonely unloved homosexual coward who needs to spew anonymous hate as a distraction from the worthlessness of his own unloved life.

    it’s textbook – the guys who never found love or acceptance hate it when the people their piece of s**t families conditioned them to hate get more love and joy out of life than THEY do.

    some people who live a life devoid of love are simply bitter that others have been loved and accepted, just as they are.

    see also: Gay Republicans.

  11. Will says

    I knew there’d be some trolls and/or idiots in the comments.

    This is a wonderful story. I’m so glad he has such a wonderful and understanding family.

    “this is insanity to do this to a child before the onset of puberty”

    It’s easier and better to transition before puberty than after. But what will likely happen is he will be given drugs to delay puberty til he’s a little older and sure this is what he wants, then given drugs to go through male puberty. Will certainly spare him having to get top surgery later.

    And it’s possible he could change his mind, go bac to being a girl. And that’s fine. But for now he identifies as a boy and he’s so happy this way. I’m glad his family is on board. I wish him well.

  12. Dave says

    If a kid was left-handed, he would know it by age 2 or 3. I am not an expert, just someone who battled my own preconceptions about “who I should be,” and came through with a more open mind about things. God knows I related as well to the girls in my 1st grade class as I did the boys, much to the dismay of my male friends yelling about “cooties”. Who is to say what this little girl “knew” before she became a little boy? But writing angry personal opinions and passing judgment hardly seems fair. How about some scientific data here? Something tells me the pediatrician who commented before does not have all the current data supporting pre-pubescent transitions, and is relying more on “common sense” to bolster his medical knowledge about hormonal development. “Common sense” is the same argument the anti-gay wingnuts use when they talk about how men don’t have parts that fit, therefore have unnatural relationships. Seriously, don’t stoop to that level when attacking this story.

  13. Mike says

    Get back to me when that kid is 12 or 13 and develops breasts and begins menstruating. 100 bucks says this is going to blow up in their faces and “he’s ” going to want to be “she” again. Idiots. Fckin idiots.

  14. mtich says

    Saw this yesterday. I thought it was lovely. After reading this thread, I now know why so many people hate our community. Because we hate ourselves. Good god, you bitches are hateful.

  15. Mike says

    Yeah when you have an agenda and cast prepubertal toddlers into roles that fit your agenda and add pretty music it tends to be “beautiful”.

  16. TampaZeke says

    Why do you all assume that the anti-trans commenters are gay?

    Anyway, beautiful story. Too bad there aren’t more parents like this in the world.

    One thing does bother me. Having many deaf friends I’m aware that many people in the deaf community feel that giving children cochlear implants is akin to trying to change a gay kids sexual orientation. I see their point but I’m conflicted about it. Not being deaf myself I will never fully understand how they feel just as straight people can never fully understand what it means and feels like to be gay and what the special struggles and needs of gay people are. This is a very sensitive and difficult issue, particularly for the parents who only want to do what’s best for their child.

  17. Mike says

    When you have an agenda of being open to and accepting of everyone for who they are and everyone is happy it tends to be beautiful.

    But when you’re a cowardly republican troll like me nothing is beautiful in your life and you’re never happy.

  18. Mikey DallasM says

    Wow. I thought I was a completely accepting person, but this video opened my mind and heart even more. Thanks to this amazing family.

  19. Not that rob says

    @Mike the only “fckin idiot” is you. You clearly know nothing about transgenderism or how it’s treated so you really should just stfu.

  20. says

    @ Rene

    You do know that when you use foul language and name calling on a message board, it makes you look ignorant, right?

  21. Mike says

    Typical libtards coming to the defense of practices that stand in defiance of nature.

  22. Rick says

    Typical libtards coming to the defense of practices that stand in defiance of nature.

  23. Will says

    “I see their point”

    I don’t. I don’t see the problem trying to correct a physical abnormality that can improve his quality of life.

  24. Derrick from Philly says

    OK, you did it again, Rick. I kinda’ thought Mike was you….the bad Mike, I mean.

    Don’t you ever get dizzy making up all these different posting names?

  25. Mike says

    More dem conspiracy theories from Derrick (the black queen persona of Little Kiwi).

  26. Sal says

    Not sure what this has to do with gay people. But if Dan Villarreal is posting on non-gay topics that’s probably a good thing given his internalized homophobia.

  27. Elaine Henderson PhD says

    I don’t know what to make of this. It is pretty bizarre, which is true of almost everything trans-related. Hopefully, child protective services will take a close look at this and make an independent assessment as to whether everything is OK.

    BTW, the 41% trans attempted suicide rate is misleading. It doesn’t include suicides that were completed and it doesn’t include suicidal ideation. When you add ideation, attempts and completed suicides together, it is more like 76%. Transgender is inextricably bound up with self-harm.

  28. Bellwether Pennythistle, PhD, MSci, Esq says

    I share Dr. Henderson’s esteemed opinion, so it’s lucky that we are both trained mainly in ancient Siberian nomadic folkways and thus have no expertise on the subject of treating gender dysphoria in children. Otherwise, we’d have to actually do research and think hard before we gave our opinion, which I’m sure neither she or I would like to do.

  29. Elaine Henderson PhD says

    Heh! Actually, I have both my masters and PhD in psychology with a focus on gender issues. However, I would love to ride on the Trans-Siberian railway someday and learn some folklore on the way. Maybe after Putin is gone.

    Anyway, you cannot get around the relationship b/t transgender and self-harm. The evidence is fairly overwhelming. I would encourage everyone to use the web to access peer-reviewed studies on the transgender population and see for yourselves.

  30. Tyler says

    Elaine, prove it. Link us to a page that has evidence of your credentials. I bet you won’t, because you have none. Because you’re the same anti-trans troll that always posts on this site. You’re just using a new (and probably stolen) name to do so. That’s what cowardly trolls like you do.

    You’re transparent, Rick. Truly.

  31. Chuck says

    Amazing parents. The pediatrician posting above making a diagnosis without ever seeing this child and then calling a member of Ryland’s medical team a quack is not the definition of a professional in my book.

    I wish much success and happiness to Ryland and his family.

  32. Michael says


    Those parents did research and talked to doctors about this. This is not a whim that they did this on. Granted it will be interesting what happens when Ryland hits puberty, but you know what? he has the best parents in the world to help him! Jealous much?

  33. Kim says

    This is a phase just like being gay is a phase.If his parents just pray he will be normal.

  34. Charlie says

    I would say Mike is just trolling his way through. Just ignore the troll and he won’t get the thrill of stirring it up trolls usually seek when they post like this.

  35. tinkerbelle says

    This was very moving. I am also curious as to what is going to happen when the hormones kick in, or if there is to be some actual gender-reassigning surgery in the works before this happens. But these parents’ support of their child’s happiness is just… beyond. I am also curious as to where they live (I’m assuming it must be in some relatively progressive State) and I’m somehow assuming that they are fairly highly educated. or just really smart and instinctive. This kid is so fortunate to live in this era where people would even remotely consider this approach as even an option. Which for Ryland does not seem to be, an option that is. I feel hope from this, and generally inspired.

    Off the subject: why do so many posters on this site think it’s all about them?

  36. GregV says

    There is a great TedTalk by Io Tillett Wright. She decided when she was very young that she wanted to be considered by others to be a boy because she didn’t fit into the expectations for girls. She became a child actor who starred in a several movies, including one with Chrisian Slater. Her teachers and co-workers had no idea she was a girl. She decided around puberty to portray herself as a girly-girl.
    She eventually recognized her “true” and lasting identity as a Tomboy.
    My takeaway point from her is that it DOES NOT MATTER if a kid’s identity eventually will evolve as his/her self awareness develops. She was always ACCEPTED by her parents and they respected her gender expression choices. That allowed her to be a happy and healthy child throughout the process.

  37. Dee says

    The whole story is very touching and tho I am a christian, I believe that some people can have (like I’m diabetic and there’s something that’s not perfect in my body as the bible states, and many Christians hang on to) something that makes them feel this way.

    Now, with this said, my concern is that this fam have done all this so Ryland feels supported, but my question is: when Ryland goes to school and is in the need to use the bathroom, with bullying and kids questions, which bathroom is going to use? What if Ryland chooses to use the boys bathroom, his intimate parts are ones of a girl, meaning Ryland is not going to be able to use the same bowl the other kids use in front of everyone? What would happen when puberty hits and Ryland wants to go out with a girl that is heterosexual? Or, what if, after all this publicity, Ryland chooses to change perspectives again and be a girl?

    I’m not perfect, neither is anybody. I just have a lot of questions. I live my life (or at least try my best) with no hatreds. I try to not judge, specially with parenting and kids, being a parent myself. I’m very strict with my son and he knows to be kind and nice to others, no matter the situation, but we have to understand that in their innocence, they can be rude and hurtful without intention (tho some are just intentionally that way).

    Having grown with very few friends, and one of them being gay, on times where it was not as common or as open as today, and seeing what they go through, I can’t imagine having to ensure this situation. I think it’s harder for whoever that goes through and the parents, to deal with our questions and bad judgment of those who think they’re the worse, than getting the news of having cancer (I mean emotionally in having to ensure the social rejection and the why questions instead of just pure concern).

    May God almighty blessed this family and guide their steps. May He cover Ryland with his grace any wisdom.