The Amazing Story Of Ryland The Transgender Child Will Make You Smile: VIDEO


This week, the Whittington Family uploaded a single video onto YouTube — the story of their grandchild Ryland. Ryland was born deaf. But soon after he learned to hear and speak with cochlear implants, he announced that he was a boy (despite being born female).

Early on, Ryland began to exhibit an aversion to anything feminine and began to exhibit feelings of shame over people repeatedly telling him he was a girl.

Through research, the Whittingtons learned that 41 percent of transgender people attempt suicide because of a lack of acceptance. Ryland could have been one of these statistics, but his parents refused to let that happen.

The video shows Ryland’s progression from a young child into the handsome and happy little man he is today. “Our hope is that our voice will be heard, and this world will become a more loving and accepting place for Ryland and the entire lGBTQ community,” the Whittingtons said.

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The clip was first broadcast at the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast last week where the family accepted a well-deserved Inspiration Award.

The clip has caught fire online, with close to 400,000 views.