1. Knock says

    Beating up a drunk is just as cowardly as what the drunk did. I hope this person is arrested.

  2. Akrontru says

    I’m proud of her–totally righteous. There is no license to bully–not religion, not ignorance, and certainly not alcohol.

  3. ChrisQ says

    So while that is briefly satisfying in a completely uncivilized way, is that how we want people responding to verbal insults? Just curious. Now, if he had approached her, or laid even a finger on her, I would support her taking him all the way out. But I am not sure this is something folks should celebrate and ultimately I don’t think it does the cause any good at all.

  4. Deen says

    Knock Knock
    who’s there?

    He’s NOT that Drunk
    he got up & walked
    He should not be arrested

  5. Jeff says

    I side with her No usually that isn’t the way to deal with things but it seems that diplomacy has failed and battle is what’s needed in some instances So beat this fool down sister a little hard earned respect will hopefully have been learned by him and she has mine

  6. MIke says

    You can’t get up and pummel someone. I remember two viral trans videos: one in Chicago on a train where the lady puts the bully in his place verbally (“Oh I’m getting off on JARVIS, baby, (waving her high heel) Why don’t we walk together?!”) and another more viral one where a trans maces a kid after SHE egged him on. He was pretty much done and she kept the back-and-forth going. It was a kid and she maced him in the face then ran off the subway.

  7. Tigernan says

    I got punched out by a trans woman who thought I’d said something to her – I honestly had not and who knows what she thought she heard – and I nearly lost an eye because of her ring. So yeah, I applaud sticking up for yourself, but I have yet to meet an even remotely pleasant trans person.

  8. Tigernan says

    I can’t believe people would advocate assaulting someone because of words they said. Come on, gays, we used to be a LOT tougher than this.

  9. Sean says

    Now, had he had beat her we’d be hearing about it for days. Violence is never an acceptable response unless it’s used as self defense from assault. We don’t get to rally against violence, and then condone it when one of us commits it. She should be condemned by the community, not praised.

  10. the other Ken says

    25 years ago, the rest of the bus would’ve been laughing and laughing and the trans woman would’ve been embarrassed into depression and possible suicide.

    I believe it shows we know there ain’t nothin’ wrong with us and we’re willing to stand up for ourselves. It’s the schoolyard bully getting his comeuppance.

  11. petey says

    The man who is dressed as a woman should realize that you have to dress modestly when on public transport. If I were the bus driver, I would have kicked him off the bus.

  12. petey says

    To be fair to Andy Towle, it is not Andy but Daniel Villarreal whose name appears at the bottom of this article. Andy needs to remove Daniel from the site.

  13. Marcus latino says

    If the trans people were truly comfortable in their own skins, they wouldn’t constantly be arguing with people, and not just this incident either. Say anything that goes outside worshipping them, and the trasn activists throw a crazy fit

  14. USC Fan says

    I have to echo many of the comments. I fully support trans rights, but the trans community, notably the money hungry TRANS ACTIVISTS, are on a mission to make EVERYTHING an issue. They pick constant fights with gays and lesbians over silly little things. The last straw that alienated many from the trans community was their VICIOUS attack of Rupaul and the silly campy Rupauls Drag Race show. That was a very revealing episode about how MILITANT trans activists can be, and it turned sooooooooo many people off from their movement. Just read hundreds of blogs and the backlash the trans community received for that. But they don’t care. Their agenda revolves around fights.

  15. jomicur says

    It’s not the way I’d have responded, but this had me smiling and even laughing. It’s too bad she went so easy on the creep.

  16. parkrunner says

    If it’s a matter of taking abuse and feeling bad or fighting back and feeling good, I’ll take the latter. Sometimes, we all have to bash back.

  17. Paul says

    Not fighting back never got us anywhere. It’s only in the last few years we’ve managed to grow a pair. Girl did good.

  18. Thomas Zdon says

    First rule of bullying – don’t let the bully get away with it. The more we stand up for our rights – the less abuse we get. Awesome Woman…. standing up for herself.

  19. apex says

    I think that she was extremely patient and allowed the drunk an opportunity to stop talking. She didn’t speak a word or engage with him in any way. But what I saw was that he was escalating the verbal abuse by repeatedly standing up. She saw a threat, and she knew where it was going. It was smart to shut it down while she still had the upper hand.

    I love how he didn’t dare say another word at the end.

  20. Island Planet says

    Oh Hell Yes!

    Being passive verbal punching bags never gets us anywhere. I ‘turned the other cheek’ all through high school and I regret every time I did NOT jump in with fists flying to teach those mutherfuckers not to mess with me.

    This asshat didn’t just toss off a casual slur – he kept going and going and going. GOOD FOR HER!!

    Don’t just sit there and take it anymore people! Give ’em a black eye to take home with them – and even if you’re the one going home with a black eye you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you stood up for yourself.

  21. dattexas says

    They’re not in the Hamptons, people. She does what she needs to do to survive in her community. She shouldn’t have struck him first, but maybe she had just had enough.

  22. Paul R says

    I couldn’t understand a word he said, which makes it impossible for me to pass judgment one way or the other.

  23. Shannon says


  24. Cerene says

    Transgender people often are extremely violent. This video is just one example. Whether they are violent as a result of their underlying mental illness or for some other reason is unknown. It is chilling that people think that this is praise worthy. Trans violence has left a trail of bodies all over the US. Most recently, a “trans woman” was arrested for killing another “trans woman” with toxic butt injections. Another “trans woman” was arrested in NYC for torturing a 4-year old boy to death.

  25. Craig in Portland says

    Sometimes, just sometimes… you have to beat respect into people. Sad, but true.

  26. Ted says

    Oh and by the way–to those of us who complain that the trans community is “too violent and angry…”

    Well, put yourself in their shoes. They probably dealt with beatings from as early as childhood. They more than likely were ostracized from their family and their friends and their schools and they’re STILL ostracized from society.

    They have a RIGHT to be angry. We ALL have a right to be angry. This country has a sick, hateful, diseased heart. It was founded on the mass murder of innocent “others” and that instinct still lives on. It’s never been dealt with.

    So, before you point the finger just know that if we don’t start fighting back, we, whether gay, lesbian, bi or trans, will face worse and worse hatred. The wolves are howling. And it’s time we began to howl back.

  27. Paul B. says

    Drunk is not an excuse for anything and certainly not a “free pass”. Kick the crap out of him…he’ll remember it the next time he meets up with one of us. They’re going to learn one way of the other.

  28. says

    Isn’t the statistic something like 1 in 4 trans people will be assaulted or murdered? I think the statistic is even worse for transwomen of color. I don’t advocate violence but sometimes turning the other cheek just isn’t enough.

  29. says

    take solace, folks – see anti-trans commenters in here? it’s like one sad dude with no spine. an insecure homosexual who feels emasculated that a transwoman has a strength and courage he’ll never know. stonewall means fight back. well done, girl.

  30. BobN says

    “25 years ago…”

    The bus driver would have pulled over, attempted to eject the man, and called the police.

  31. Qj201 says

    Nothing you can’t see several times a night on the Christopher St. Piers in the West Village, NYC.

  32. NY2.0 says

    I’ll bet a lot of money that man will think twice before uttering a word to another trans person. LOL

    I never advocate the use of violence but in this instance the end justified the means and everyone else on that bus took note.

  33. NY2.0 says

    I just don’t get why bullies would even look to attack a trans person, many of them are quite physically imposing and in great shape. They also don’t hold back when in a confrontation.

  34. lewlew says

    Sometimes violence is justified. We need a lot more of this kind of response.

    Gay and trans panthers, arise.

  35. steve says

    good for her going all ghetto on his lame ass……….. you detractors have no idea what this transgender person has been through all his life………. for being who they are…….

  36. says

    If you’re weak enough to bully someone, you take the risk that the bullied one has had just about enough of your nonsense. She’d finally had enough, and the bully got what was coming his way. No truly strong person is a bully.

  37. Jack says

    Violence is NEVER justified by words alone. Some of you seem to forget that your adulation of this person can similarly justify attacks on gays who “assault” the “morals and decency” of the anti-gays. There is no distinguishing between the two situations other than to say “well she was right and they were wrong.” Which makes no actual difference.

    She should be booked on charges.

  38. says

    poor wee jack.

    No – our being gay is not comparable to a bigot spewing bigotry.

    Me kissing my man doesn’t “assault” the “morals and decency” of a bigot.

    Are you trolling or are you really that dense? man UP, dude.

  39. Oh vey says

    I’m not a fan of celebrating a violent reaction to others. This is no different than someone attacking a gay guy for saying he is gay or holding hands with someone. In both cases, violence was used against someone who wasn’t being violent.

  40. says

    @Jack: How does supporting this person’s right to take on a bully justify anti-gay violence? Unless a gay person went on public transportation and decided to bully or harass an anti-gay person minding his own business, there is no equivalence to be made. When you harass someone on a bus and won’t give it up, you risk getting served. He got served.

  41. DannyEastVillage says

    Gee Jenny. What could cause Trans people to get angry enough to get violent? Maybe it’s ugly attitudes like yours.

  42. TR says

    We have to stand up against ignorance. I might not agree to violence but if attacked be sure you get me good the first time cuz I will be on you, over you and up you like the Furies of Hell. You go Girl. As a gay man I have been physically attacked many times but the last 3 times I was the one who walked away unscathed. Ignorance = stupidity and drunkeness is n excuse. The drunk should have been tossed off the bus and police called.

  43. StranglerFig says

    I agree that gays need to stand up for themselves. Even if it`s verbal abuse; if that abuse is relentless and without remedy, violence may be the answer to make it stop.

    Based on TR`s experience, I`ve also got something I`d like to add.

    When you do get attacked and let yourself go to fight back, if you happen to be REALLY strong or rage-filled, just be careful that you don`t kill the other person or mutilate them so badly that you yourself end up in jail.

    The last time I was attacked, I found myself in a situation where I was *this close* to throwing my would-be gay basher off a balcony. That would have been bad for me in the end as there were many witnesses. Thankfully I wasn`t so out of control to do that.

    So give your gay bashers a beating, sure. Just don`t go too far if you have that power.

  44. Daryl says

    Incidents like this show why transfolk are 8 times more likely to be incarcerated. Sadly, white men like Ernie are all too happy to cheerlead these folks into more violence. Ernie won’t be the one with a criminal record. No, he’ll sit at home, safe behind his keyboard while he encourages African American transfolk to commit felonies for his entertainment.

  45. Anon says


    That’s kind of a cynical interpretation, don’t you think?

    Don’t you think it’s possible, plausible really, that maybe some LGBTs are REALLY tired of seeing other LGBTs roll over on their backs like spaniels when kicked?

  46. peck says

    I hope it is not offensive for me to ask and I apologize beforehand for asking if it does offend, but I would appreciate if someone who knows and would answer respectfully would tell me if a transwoman is a person who identifies as a woman but was born a male or is a transwoman a person who was born a woman but is transistioning from that into a man?

  47. Knock says

    Being “really tired” doesn’t make physical assault acceptable. Pointing that out doesn’t make one a troll either.

  48. says

    @”Daryl”: Right, cause “African American transfolk” base their responses to harassers on public transportation on whether or not they’re encouraged in the Towleroad comments. Have you stepped into the real world in any recent decade? What power you imagine our comments to have!

    If it were anyone but a trans person being bullied, I’m sure some of the peaceniks on this thread would suddenly change their tune.

    Curious, though, how every trans-related post on TR–with its anonymous commenting system that allows one person to post multiple times under various names–is full of transphobic and trans-hostile comments, whereas the same posts Andy does on Facebook, where it’s much harder to troll under myriad disguises, are all but free of the trans-hating.