Tyra Banks To Produce VH1 Docu-Series On Transgender Women


Supermodel and America’s Next Top Model reality-show hostess Tyra Banks (left) will produce an eight-episode docu-series following the lives of Chicago transwomen called TransAmerica (not to be confused with Felicity Huffman’s 2005 film of the same name).

The show will feature RuPaul’s Drag Race veteran Carmen Carrera (pictured right) who came out as trans after Drag Race as well as appearances by other notable trans Americans like Calpernia Addams.

The Hollywood Reporter states:

The series is described as an earnest look at a group of millennial women — who happen to be transgender — living, loving and building their careers. The series will explore how their sexuality impacts their lives…

"It would be easy to focus on the transgender aspect, but this series is about so much more," said Susan Levison, executive vp programming for VH1. "This is a show about a group of compelling, gorgeous young friends who are on a unique journey while staying true to their authentic selves. We believe that message resonates."

TransAmerica marks VH1's third series to either star or prominently feature a transgender person or cast. I Want to Work for Diddy helped jump-start the career of Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox in 2008, with the actress earning a spinoff series – TRANSform Me — in 2010. Cox, a recent GLAAD honoree, credits VH1 for her first break. (Cox, meanwhile, is teaming with MTV and Logo for documentary the Trans Teen.)

The show is set to appear in late 2014 or early 2015.


  1. Edwin says

    I hope they represent the diversity of the trans community! There are so many kind, decent transwomen that deserve to be highlighted. MTV, here’s a few candidates:

    – The trans woman who cut off her wife’s head and is now demanding that taxpayers pay for electrolysis.

    – The trans woman activist who held a leadership position in an “LGBT” group, but who resigned after threatening to attack a lesbian with a baseball bat.

    – The trans women who stalk and intimidate women at an annual music festival in Michigan.

    – The trans woman who killed 3 women and is pleading not guilty because the blame for the murders on her former male self.

    – The trans woman who tortured a 4-year old boy to death in New York City.

    – The trans woman who stabbed a man to death in Chicago and is now a cause celebre for trans activists.

    – The trans woman busted a few weeks ago seeking a sexual liaison with a horse on Craigslist.

    – The trans woman who killed a rival with toxic butt injections.

  2. Edwin says

    Also, the transwoman who stole my man from me and inspired my hatred of transpeople. Did you all know I’m a closeted homosexual with no balls? At least transmen have an excuse – I’m cisgendered by my testicles just never grew. I’m a pretty worthless human being.

  3. Edwin says

    Derek, my name is LEGION for we are many. There are many names I use to say anti-trans things on the internet because I’m, ironically, not man enough to say them from a place of visibility. I’m a complete coward.

  4. Tyler says

    Rick, stop stealing my username to post Transphobic comments. Everyone already knows I’m not transphobic. But we all know you and your aliases are and in turn are easily identifiable.

  5. johnny says

    I can’t wait for this documentary to air because I get all my serious journalism and documentary stuff from Tyra. She’s so professional and not the least bit desperate for attention.

  6. Moz's says

    carmen carera is a hypocrite

    she expects to be nice to her and not judge , YET she was part of that whole heathers vs boogers BS on Drag Race. She even went so far as to sell “no boogers” t- shirts on her site and has never apologized

  7. JWL says

    So Carmen Carrera wants to be a drag queen when she’s on Ru Paul. Wants to be trans when it furthers her image. Doesnt want interviewers to discuss her secretive genitalia,, but then poses nude for a party ad this week. She is so effing boring.

  8. Homo Genius says

    So if she had “come out” as trans BEFORE Drag Race could she have competed? Or is that only for guys who like to dress and women and lip sych but still think they are guys? Could some chick who decided she was now Richard instead of Lisa slip on a dress and do Drag Race?

    Notice too that all the focus is always on the guys who think they are women but you never really see much of women who think they are men. Is that not glamorous enough for tyra? But then its really hard to tell the difference between “trans men” and most lesbians anyway.

  9. MaryM says

    Why is this of any interest to LGB people.

    Drop the T – their concerns are not our concerns. And the homophobia of so many trannies mean that they are not even really our allies.

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