Vandals Strike Campaign Office of Gay Republican Congressional Candidate Carl DeMaio

Gay Republican Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio's San Diego office was broken into and vandalized six days before the primary, NBC San Diego reports:

DemaioOfficers arrived at the office in the 9600 block of Black Mountain Road in Miramar around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday. They discovered extensive vandalism, including smashed computer screens and cords and cables that had been cut.

“Almost every cord inside the entire office – phone cords, communications, network cords, power cords – appears to have been cut,” said Dave McCulloch, the campaign’s communications director.

McCulloch said someone also poured water on laptops, printers and copiers, and stole gas cards.

No suspect has been identified, but it is believed the perpetrator entered through an adjacent office.


  1. says

    updated info suggests an “inside job” due to to the selectivity of the vandalism that took place, and a certain filing cabinet left utterly untouched.

    If it’s real, it’s unfortunate. if it’s not real, it’s KYLE WOODS all over again…..

  2. fsinsd says

    this reeks of an inside job. wouldn’t put it past carl’s team and his creepy partner to pull off something like this. he has a bunch of amateurs working for him who probably thought this was a brilliant idea. his opponent scott peters is so well liked and respected that carl’s team is getting desperate.

  3. oncemorewithfeeling says

    He obviously did it himself.

    What kind of vandal picks and chooses what to destroy and takes their time doing it, even going so far as to methodically cut every electric cord in the place while carefully pouring water on the electronics, but leaves other important things untouched and doesn’t just trash the place in the easiest and most effective ways possible?

    And why would anyone bother with a candidate that nobody cares about and who is destined to lose?

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