1. Lucas H says

    You don’t have to read this or watch the video, Stuffed Animal… what are you even complaining about? You could have just skipped over the headline and read something else.
    Meanwhile, I LOVE RuPaul’s Drag Race! I wish they would just show a real, live finale though. I know they rely heavily on editing but is it worth it at the cost of the genuine reaction? It almost makes me pity the audience that has to sit through three crownings, and I can’t imagine what is going through the queens trying to have a genuine reactions when they might not even really be the winner. It seems weird.

  2. JP says

    Stuffed Animal… This blog has content on sports, entertainment, politics, science, history, culture, etc. We all like some content over other content. It is called variety and it broadens the readership.

  3. says

    Bianca has been a staple, and truly deserved this win. She has a complete Act – it ain’t no lipsync – it’s an ACT. And she’s paid her dues. Well done.

    It’s so tiring that the anti-drag commenters are always such insecure ninnies. My introduction to drag was Monty Python – followed by Dame Edna, then the glorious RuPaul. I dunno – i group up in a household that didn’t denigrate drag so I have no reason to think of drag as a negative thing.

  4. TonyG says

    I’m with Lucas and Disgusted Merican – WHY can’t there be an actual live show for the finale? I haven’t watched this year’s finale yet, but I remember noticing almost year how fake Jinkx’s win came across. I think it’s time for the show to step up and add that improvement to the next season.

  5. Stephen says

    there’s no live show because MTV does not put money into logo as it should. Sometimes I think Bravo is the better gay TV network yet it is not officially gay.

  6. Dannypants says

    I am so dumb… I didn’t realize that they recorded three different endings. I thought it was live! Silly silly me… that’s still cute, though…

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