1. DLRnATL says

    I’m curious as to the age of the author. Granted, it may just because I’ve grown older, but I find guys in their 30s as hot if not hotter than guys in their early 20s anymore. And I’d think I’d be the demo that places with gogo boys would want to attract–late 30s/early 40s with money to spend on such things.

  2. Hrm says

    Being President is ageist? Teddy Roosevelt was 42, Kennedy was 43, Reagan was 69, only a couple weeks from being 70. Most (57%) were in their 50s. 20% were in their 60s.

  3. Joel says

    After watching “The Normal Heart,” this stuff is really insulting. It shows the stupidest gay stereotypes it can, in the name of “humor,” and then reinforces them. It’s like a gay Stephen Fechit minstrel show. Later for this crap.

  4. David From Canada says

    Looks kind of shallow and silly. However, speaking of Go-Go boys, I know an exotic dancer at our local club/bar who is in his 50’s and still has a decent build and good moves.
    Being in your 30’s isn’t too old to be a Go-Go boy, but it is kind of a nowhere job.

  5. James says

    Jeez, ya’ll are kinda harsh. @Joel are you really comparing a sketch comedy show to The Normal Heart? Really?? How is that relevant and how does that equal you being insulted?

    I think Angels in America is a stunning work of theatre, but I’m glad that Rupaul’s Drag Race exists too. We are allowed to like goofy comedy and serious AIDS drama. You don’t have to send back your ACT UP card if you spend a night laughing.

    The children need to remember how to have fun!! I think this looks funny. The video teaser was actually really well produced and the lead clearly knows how to land a joke.

  6. jarago says

    Yes specially after watching “The Normal Heart” we could all use a laugh…but would a thirty year old Go go Boy would be a Go go man?

  7. orwoodsman says

    This looks like lots of low cost fun! As a 70 year old man I’m looking forward to something that celebrates the fun of being queer.

  8. grahamvk says

    To HRM: The comment about the Presidency being ageist had to do with the fact that you must be at least 35 y.o. to be President, so says the Constitution. Hmmm… so that why no go-go boys have been President.

  9. Brandon Johns says

    30 is too old to be a go-go boy? I can understand 40 or 50 and so on, but 30? . I don’t know any go-go boys because I don’t live in a part of the country that has those types of places, but I do know some male strippers in their 30s. Some people still seem to be stuck in the 1960s as far as attitude goes.

  10. Christopher Duquette says

    I was a dancer at the Gaiety 1976 – 1978. I left the stage/work to finish college and get a legitimate boyfriend. I continued dancing in mostly underground clubs until I crashed and burned from too much D&A: the Gallery, Flamingo, the Anvil, Crisco Disco, 12 West, Hurrah, Studio 54, Ice Palace 57, the Saint, Paradise Garage, Sound Factory, the World,…..detailed experiences in my book ‘Homo GoGo Man’ by Christoher Duquette.

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