1. Vera says

    I wonder if the Westboro Baptist Church knows about the army of homosexual men and women that form Cher’s fanbase. We’re quite a militant bunch…

  2. Bryan L says

    Don’t these idiots ever get tired of being hated and ridiculed? Who pays them to be so despised?

    And why did they “excommunicate” Fred and Shirley?

  3. Clayton says

    I hope they picket her concert. Not only will the demonstration have zero effect (beyond, perhaps, boosting ticket sales), but whatever she says from the stage about WBC will be far wittier and far more intelligent than anything WBC says about her.

  4. alex says

    It might have been nice to provide the city and state where this is happening. After all, not everyone religiously follows Cher’s tour schedule or knows the name/address of every arena in the country.

  5. EYEROLL says

    ALEX: a 2 second Google search for “Sprint Center” had the anwser: Kansas City. But, you may have also got that clue from KCMO (Kansas City, Missouri). I guess if you couldn’t figure out how to Google it, the second option was probably way too hard for your little brain. It was just easier to complain in a comment, although it would have been quicker to do a Google search.

  6. WTF21 says

    I have personally met Cher on several occasions, I don’t think she will comment on trash like this, UNLESS they get in her face! Then watch out. This woman will kick some ass!

  7. Bill says

    What’s going on with this site? – I posted a funny and inoffensive comment about this and it disappeared.

    It was simply that Cher would most likely say nothing on the grounds that it is considered bad manners to make fun of the mentally ill.

    I also gave an example of a tiny Jewish group of extremists who once picketed the San Francisco Opera during a performance of Der Ring des Nibelungen (this group didn’t think any of Wagner’s music should be performed, probably because Hitler attended performances of die Meistersinger some 200 times, with the group not realizing that at 5 hour a pop, that represented 1000 man hours when Hitler was preoccupied and couldn’t cause any trouble). Needless to say, they were ignored both by the San Francisco Opera and those attending the performances.

  8. alex says

    @Eyeroll: I’m not the one publishing the information, so why should the burden be placed on me? Getting the basic information shouldn’t require opening a second browser window.

    Incidentally, I spent 11 years living the in the Midwest and never once seen anyone refer to Kansas City as KCMO.

  9. EYEROLL says

    ALEX: were you planning on attending? The point is not where this silly protest is being held, is that is being held and 5 people will show up from this stupid family. If you were planning a counter protest, then by all means a Google search is in order. Otherwise, I think you are missing the bigger picture and just want something to whine about. I live in the midwest too, never heard of the KCMO abbreviation either but figured it out Kansas City in 3 seconds, then googled Sprint Center to confirm. You are getting your undies in a bunch over nothing. Relax, look at the big picture.

  10. alex says

    @Eyeroll: Congratulations on your perceived superiority over me. But, apparently your mental prowess doesn’t include knowledge of the basics of journalism.

    Expecting an article to include where something is happening is not “getting your undies in a bunch over nothing”.

  11. EYEROLL says

    Oh Alex: you are just a whiner. You have an axe to grind and you seem to delight in catching every little thing. You are expecting this site to be the New York Times. I say you are expecting too much from a site that also brings daily stories about the latest “man meat” and Lady Gaga. Get a life. It’s getting old.

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