1. Leo says

    and a nice video of the moment it was announced that she’d made it to the finals

    really shows the kind of support she has in this competition

  2. Alessar says

    Great performance and that staging was ON POINT. Exactly enough, really synced well with the power of the song.

    It was very heartening to hear all the cheering the audience did for Conchita – I caught the tail end of the semi finals but missed her performance. By the way they have a Eurovision app which has info on the performers and acts as a viewing companion.

  3. vt says

    @ sam

    Oh no she doesn’t. In her own words “on stage I’m a working girl, in my own free time i’m a lazy young man”.

    Drag is a quintessential component of gay culture. Stop trying to put it under the queer “umbrella”.

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