1. MaryM says

    So has this been investigated?

    Is the manager suspended pending the outcome?

    Will he be fired if others confirmed he did this.

    Taco John’s needs to be avoided clearly – that statement by the CEO is pathetic.

  2. Ricco says

    Really @ SAM? That is your stupid, insensitive comment on this story of a gay teen who was humiliated at his job, in an era when so many gay youth are committing suicide?

    Maybe you should move your stupid butt to South Dakota, then you would know ‘what the hell Taco John’s’ is, then he could learn that gay people can be equally stupid and insensitive.

  3. Qj201 says

    Another day on TR when a TROLL gets the first comment on a sensitive story.

    Way to go Andy. Is this site EVER going to require registration or log in (e.g. FB, G+) or will it forever be the wild west of *ssholery haterade in the comments.

    One day Andy, you will get called out on allowing this BS.

    How about no access to the next Dem Convention because you allow hate on your site?

  4. will says

    Who CARES if there’s a troll on the board? THAT’S what angers you?

    A group of gays in South Dakota should pay this manager a little visit and call him out in front of the customers and staff. I would say they should spray paint “I’M A BIGOT” on his car in bright red, but that’s just my anger talking.

  5. Terry says

    I would like to know why there is no mention of customers reaction. If I ate there and saw that I would definitely have said something. This story says a lot not only about the manager but about the culture of South Dakota. I hope this isn’t another hoax while at the same time I hope a manager wouldn’t be so incredibly stupid.

  6. Rad says

    I wonder how soon until this comes out as a hoax?

    Sorry for the cynicism, for the life of me, I am having a hard time recalling any of these types of stories as being anything other than fabrication.

  7. disgusted american says

    totally disgraceful……could u even imagine if a manager made a Black person wear a name tag with N…tard??? I hope he finds a lawyer to sue the crap out of them

  8. bkmn says

    I hope that kid can get the hell out of the hell-hole that is SD. I grew up there and can easily imagine this crap taking place all over that backward state.

  9. Nat says

    “I wonder how soon until this comes out as a hoax?”

    I think that is a reasonable assumption for these stories. The vast majority as of late have turned out to be fabricated.

  10. Nat says

    “I wonder how soon until this comes out as a hoax?”

    I think that is a reasonable assumption for these stories. The vast majority as of late have turned out to be fabricated.

  11. Chuck Mielke says

    I know it would be difficult for a gay youth to pull off, but the better response would be to wear that name tag with PRIDE! Metaphorically, throw the tag in his face, and make it look like a public relations ploy: “My boss wants all of our customers to know we’re proud to hire gaytards to serve them. We support gaytards.” Do that, and you’re making a statement supportive of not only gays, but of the intellectually challenged, since those are the groups derided by the manager’s prejudice. If asked exactly what a “gaytard” might be, refer them to the manager. And don’t be afraid to get fired; everybody does at least once.

  12. Jack says

    Chuck Mielke,

    I have no doubt that you are one of those broken gay men who calls himself “queer” and thinks he is being raw and transgressive, even while the world laughs at you. One good thing: the kid in this story will not heed your awful advice and you are unlikely to every be in a position to influence a child.

  13. RK says

    Sue and sue kid! Contact Lambda Legal, ACLU, or other gay organizations that can give referral. This is pure discrimination and th ass hat should pay.

  14. Merv says

    What’s wrong with asking what Taco John’s is? I’ve never heard of it, even though it’s apparently a chain. The name sounds like a cross between Taco Bell and Papa John’s.

  15. Ricco says

    @ MERV . . . if you are so dense that you have to ask what is wrong with asking what Taco John’s, apart from the obvious that it is a fast food chain indigenous to that region, then I am afraid you would be stupid to either comprehend or appreciate the insight.

    Or your purposely being stupid. The thing about pretending to be stupid is that if you do it long enough, you really do become stupid.

  16. MATTROCKS says

    BKMN: the usual “gay people have to run away because of other people’s bigotry” remark. It is so tiring. He shouldn’t have to move. Period.

  17. Mo says

    I’ve worked as a restaurant manager for 10 years in a small town in Iowa. I will say there have been times when the crew gets their hands on the label-maker and have made some stupid/funny name tags for themselves over the years. The addition of the hearts, which isn’t exactly easy, would suggest whoever did this took extra time to make this as a joke. Was the crew member (or another crew member) doing it as a joke or was the manager (and there are lots of ignorant managers) doing it as a joke that obviously wasn’t appropriate or appreciated? Taco John’s is actually pretty good! Better than Taco Bell by a mile. I will say they have one of the least well run stores in the area and treat employees badly even by fast-food standards. Their kitchens tend to be tiny and there is a lot less room for 6-7 people to be bumping into each other and a lot of goofing off goes on in my local store. I could see this go either way. I work for another chain and work with two female managers who constantly point out how black our one black employee is so I could see it being plausible. I could also probably tell you the exact make and model of that label-maker and how easy it would be to make your own name tag.

  18. Merv says

    @Ricco – The reason it’s not wrong to ask is because someone local might have been able to give some context like “Taco John’s is very big in the Upper Midwest, and have hundreds of locations. Their food is decent, but they are considered very right wing and anti-gay and contribute large sums to Tea Party candidates.” I made that up, but it’s an example of what we might have learned. If you’re implying that it’s obvious what Taco John’s is, you’re wrong because there are none in half the states (I looked it up).

    @MattRocks – Are we supposed to abandon conversation because of the existence of Google? The original poster was obviously asking for opinions about the restaurant chain as much as he was asking for statistics about number of stores and locations.

  19. MATTROCKS says

    MERV: I believe you have done this before. Asked a question that cold be easily answered with a quick internet search. In the future please structure your question as you claim you were asking about in your response to RICCO. You asked “what the hell is Taco John’s?” (very vague) when you should have said “give me some background info on this restaurant”. Two very different questions.

    Ask the question correctly and you will get a informed response back. For example:

    NO: What the hell is a Fridgedaire?

    YES: Does anybody know about Fridedaires? Is it a good brand of fridge, do they have a good reputation? Are they popular?

  20. Merv says

    @MattRocks – I wasn’t the one who asked the question about Taco John’s. I was just defending him from the overreaction to his simple conversational question. Even though I’m borderline socially retarded, even I thought it was obvious his intent wasn’t to find out literally what Taco John’s was, since that was obvious from the story. I guess I was wrong.

  21. Sam says

    Oh, FFS. I just wanted to know if Taco John’s was some kind of regional chain or if it was some one-off mom and pop thing. Then things got weird.

  22. Angus Blackbull says

    im gay and this is fake i asked to wear the nametag because everyone had cool nicknames and i wanted a cool nickname then someone told me i could sue so i’ve decided to :)

  23. tyler brandt says

    im gay and this is fake i asked to wear the nametag because everyone had cool nicknames and i wanted a cool nickname then someone told me i could sue so i’ve decided to :)

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