1. Rad says

    Oh good! Another “[My] Bible First!” politician! We need more of this in Washington!

    Can we please spend more time on anti-abortion and anti-campaign finance reform legislation while we’re at it?

    Sorry, this story seems sooooo old. The upside is, Cantor is out.

    Can only hope the Democratic challenger can win in November.

  2. charlie says

    Eric Cantor was a rare Jewish Republican. I wonder how much antisemitism played in this election. Virginia is now a purple state. If this guy is too right-wing it will mean the Democrat may win. Cantor was an experienced politician and knew what balance to strike to win general elections. The problem for the Republican is that the primaries favor extremist candidates. In terms of total votes cast the Republicans are already a minority party. It is gerrymandering that is giving them control of the House.

    The earthquake that hit Virginia a year or so back was centered in his district. Just a bit of trivia for everyone.

  3. jeffg166 says

    Eric Cantor was too liberal for his republican constituency?

    The radical right is so far off the deep end now one hopes they never get in power. They are beyond scary at this point.

  4. HadenoughBS says

    Since Dems could vote for the GOPer in this primary election, I wonder how many did just that: voted for the Bible-quoting Brat in order to stick it to Cantor who has been part of the GOPers’ do-nothing House caucus?

  5. robertL says

    God really gets involved in U.S. elections. I cannot stop laughing. Everybody knowns he (?) is only concerned with earthquakes, tornados, and Wall St.

  6. pete n sfo says

    I’m sincerely afraid for our nation… if this conservative waste of politician is too liberal for his challenger & constituents, then any kind of progress through compromise is over.

    Democrats better be organized and people better vote because elections have consequences and we cannot afford even 1 bad additional choice on the Supreme Court.

    We’ll be living with those consequences for the rest of our lives.

  7. jmartindale says

    Democrats need to fear more of these fascists in the Congress. We have a midterm election coming, and the Dems only talk about who will be the next president. Don’t they realize a Republican Senate will control who the next Supreme Court Justices will be–along with all the appointments to a President’s cabinet. These assholes are serious trouble.

  8. codyj says

    I can jus imagine,seeing this dudes much he ‘LOVES’ -snark- our community (sigh),just waiting for his first bible inspired hate rhetoric against us..

  9. TampaZeke says

    And three and a half years from now Brat won’t be able to be conservative enough to satisfy these nuts and they’ll be primarying him!


  10. Tom says

    One down and many more to come hopefully. As ye sow, so shall yee reap, Republicans. Done in by gerrymandering of his own party. I am not crying over this one for sure!

  11. Richard D says

    Wouldn’t it be great if all American voters did this to arrogant, out-of-touch incumbents in Congress? Power to the People indeed!
    Let’s hope the political establishment gets the message. Americans are angry and they are getting ready to take their country back.

  12. Oink! says

    Is Cantor on the down-low? What is with that syrupy voice? Do all Southern men either sound like pig-fukking rednecks, or c0ck-sucking mama’s boys?

  13. Randy says

    If you’re a God-praiser, don’t forget to blame him when it all comes crashing down:

    When a trumpet sounds in a city, do not the people tremble? When disaster comes to a city, has not the LORD caused it?
    – Amos 3:6 (in context, the answer is meant to be “yes”)

  14. james street james says

    It’s about time God started showing some interest in our politics. I wonder if God is still holding a grudge against Jews for the, you know, that whole crucifixion thing.

    And since He works in mysterious ways this just might be only a first step in Virginia politics to get the Democrat elected.

  15. Tom says

    Cantor is a far right politician who helped create the “Tea Party.” He lost in a year where incumbents are consistently defeating teabagger challengers.

    It is dangerous to be in denial about the fact that rabid Antisemitism among Christian Right voters was the real reason Cantor lost.

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