Cards Against Humanity Creator Regrets Transphobic Card


Cards Against Humanity creator Max Temkin has apologized for a transphobic card previously included in earlier editions of the popular game. Cards, a game Temkin and his co-creators designed while in college, makes a point of being as politically incorrect as possible, often taking potshots at racial minorities, disabled individuals, and notable public figures.

Social-3f4a4c57“We were writing jokes for ourselves and we weren’t really thinking about how it would affect other people,” Temkin told Fusion in an interview. “But when you have something that starts to be part of pop culture, you can’t help but see how it makes people feel and feel some sense of responsibility for that.”

Temkin came under fire after Tumblr user horriblewarning, a teenager who identifies as transgender, drew the transphobic card, decided to burn it, and post photos the photos to his blog.

“Somebody played that card, and somebody else was like, ‘That’s not OK.’ I decided I didn’t want it in my deck,” He said.

Tumblr, known for the ways in which content spreads through it virally and its active queer communities, has since seen the initial photoset reblogged well over 50,000 times. horriblewarning, whose first name is Jonah, has since expressed deeper thought over the photos, admitting that his initial reaction was an implicit endorsement of Cards Against Humanity’s other examples of comedic bigotry:

I was only looking at the issues which affected me personally, and I was allowing myself to find everything else funny because I wasn’t the person to whom it’s directed. I truly regret making this post, not because I’ve gotten a bit of shit for it but because I am appalled at myself that I didn’t see what I was doing.

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  1. SPOT says

    Handled well by all sides. There’s hope yet.

    I assume CAH will pull the card from future decks.

  2. crispy says

    Ugh, just no. The whole point of the game is that the cards are supposed to be “not ok.”

  3. Richard Harney says

    CAH pulled the card from future decks a long time ago.
    However, if CAH has pissed you off, then the game has done its job.

  4. Me says

    I have the CAH game, and it’s very politically incorrect. And that’s ok, because it’s meant to be that way. And it’s meant to poke fun. The easiest way for people to feel less offended is to feel less offended.

    The whole “trans-phobic” fake controversy has really opened my eyes to the fact that LGBT doesn’t make any sense at all. LGB has to do with sexual identity. the “T” has to do with gender identity. How we all ended up in the same acronym is strange. We have different needs/interests/agendas.

  5. Eric says

    So the cards mocking racial minorities and disabled individuals, they’re ok? If they’re really censoring cards that offend people, they need to take the game off the market, not appeal to one group who’s offended, and leave all the other ones hanging out to dry. The Helen Keller card, the Anne Frank card (almost always used to mock and ridicule), those are fine? I guess they don’t regret making those cards. Hmmm.

    Doesn’t transvestite specifically refer to a person wearing the opposite gender’s clothing? It’s mocking drag queens way more than actual transgender people.

  6. Ryan says

    Tumblr is full of Social Justice Warriors who finally make me understand why my dad always screams about people being too politically correct. As a liberal-minded person I used to get pissed when he’d paint everyone on the left with that broad brush, but now I totally get his point. If people do not have the sense of humor to play Cards Against Humanity, they probably shouldn’t bother. They can stick with Apples to Apples.

  7. MaryM says

    Max Temkin is wise to remove this card.

    Not because it is particularly offensive – it is not. He is wise because the tranny activist community is so violent and aggressive against any perceived slight against them (very male behavior by the way) that he was probably in danger.

    Drop the T.

  8. MaryM says

    By the way why on EARTH is the term ‘passable transvestite’ a transphobic term?

    Some men are transvestites. Some look convincing as women – they are passable transvenstites. Some look like what they are – men in dresses.

    Typical trannie hysteria.

  9. Ryan says

    Ridiculous. The Cards mock all races, religions, sexual orientations,and political leanings. Removing the trans card is basically saying that trans people are too fragile. also, the player who burned the card is a total hypocrite. Why didn’t he burn all the insulting offensive cards?

  10. Jmac says

    This kid needs to get over himself.

    A) CAH offends anyone and everyone, that’s the whole point. If you’re such a delicate flower, don’t play.
    B) Transvestite and transgender aren’t synonymous. Transvestites are crossdressers who get sexual pleasure from wearing the other gender’s clothes, they’re not transitioning to the other gender. If you don’t even know what a word means, you really shouldn’t be offended by it. Idiots like this are why a large portion of the gay community don’t like associating with the T part of LGBT

  11. MaryM says

    Can someone explain why the tranny was so offended by the term ‘passable transvestite’?

    Or was she simply looking for an excuse to be offended like so many of that violent, aggressive, homophobic, tranny community?

  12. Qj201 says

    It said “passable transvestite” not “passable tr*nny”

    In the US & UK transvestite is the term for cross dressing hetero men…and some gay men. You would never call someone who identifies as female a transvestite.

    How about Passable Drag Queen as a replacement?

  13. Quicksilver says

    Yet again members of the trans community with a knee-jerk reaction. The entire point of CAH is to make the more egregious, tasteless, and offensive hand. If someone is really that delicate of a person, they should be playing Parcheesi or Yahtzee. Every time, the trans community cries “wolf”, I care less and less.

  14. crispy says

    Oh, get over yourselves, trans bigots. One 19-year-old trans person no more represents the entire “trans community” than Tom Daley represents the entire gay community.

  15. Thedrdonna says

    It’s funny how the same people who complain about what Andy Towle posts to *his* site are also complaining about what the owner (or co-owner, whatever) chooses to include in *his* game. I’ll say the same thing now as ever: if you don’t like it, go elsewhere.

  16. Andy says

    Really? Every single card is offensive, that’s the point and that’s what makes it so fun to play – one time only. The novelty wears off so dramatically it’s actually unpleasant to play beyond one time. The cards only shock once.

  17. Timothy Kincaid says

    Those offended probably shouldn’t be playing this game anyway. If your premise is that you can mock others but are Distressed and Offended by something that you think mocks you, then you are not a very good person.

  18. Sam says

    Boo freakin’ hoo. CAH is about being politically incorrect. If you cant handle the ruse go play Go Fish. Sooner we dump the “T” from LGB, the better.

  19. Daniel says

    This “game” seems pretty heinous. It seems like the problem could go deeper than just anti-trans issues.

  20. kipp says

    Complaining about the offensiveness of a game designed to be offensive is not the best way to generate empathy… and it suggests that one is humorless.

    Then again, it’s easy to tell an oppressed minority to have a better sense of humor about things I don’t personally find offensive.

    Despite the fact that CAH is a more-or-less equal opportunity offender, there are still lines it doesn’t cross (and for good reason). There is no “grinning black man eating watermelon” card or “hook-nosed jew counting his money” card. Those cards don’t exist because, even in the context of a subversive game, some things are too incendiary/offensive for good fun.

  21. Chris says

    The game is SUPPOSED to be offensive. There’s cards about rape for god’s sake! There’s cards about murder, about racism, about eating disorders and one about masturbating into a pool of children’s tears. If you’re trying to tell me that the game itself is fine, but that making a largely innocuous joke about trans people crosses the line, then you’re the worst type of person. You’re saying that every other person can be a joke except yourself, and I have no time or patience for you.

  22. TheDrDonna says

    In the actual interview, Temkin said: “We talk about the idea of ‘punching up, not punching down’ all the time. It’s something that we stand behind: making fun of those power structures, because they’re already powerful. Making jokes about rapes, making jokes about trans people, they don’t have the same cultural power.”

    The interview also notes that they’ve removed other cards that wouldn’t be very tasteful, such as “date rape”. So, maybe all you folks claiming that this is somehow limited to trans issues or that people aren’t talking about the other issues with the game should actually read the article.

    You might also then notice the part where the person who made the original post says that they have issues with the rest of the game as well. But hey, why let thorough reading and thoughtful consideration ruin a perfectly good chance to blame those awful ol’ trans folks for another minor issue?

  23. Moz's says

    uhm….potshots at racial minorities, disabled individuals…..

    no complaints about the rest

  24. says

    Well, if we start removing all the cards from the game that are offensive, the game would pretty much just be a deck of blank cards then.

    I’m all for trans rights and equality, but getting butthurt over something so inconsequential is ridiculous, especially when there are actual problems to worry about, like laws preventing trans people from using public restrooms for the gender they identify with.

  25. Thedrdonna says

    Firestorm, are people not fighting those things? This was literally one person complaining on tumblr, which is the internet equivalent of muttering obscenities under your breath when someone cuts you off in traffic.

  26. Sharon says

    DrDonna, as a rape apologist, shouldn’t you be protesting the removal of the date rape card?

  27. Tyler says

    TheDrDonna: don’t even bother trying to reason with the Trans bigots on here. If they wanted to be enlightened, they’d actually read the Trans-issue stories in their entirety and come up with logical thoughts and perspectives.

    Trolls have no interest in being shown the error of their ways, because they have no intention to care. They’re sociopaths.

    I appreciate your efforts but they’re wasted on Trollroad.

  28. TheDrDonna says

    Haha I mostly just laugh at this point. You just know Sharon’s stewing somewhere, but I generally ignore those who are obviously pickled in their own bigotry.

  29. Sharon says


    Pickled? You mean like your dong in a jar after they cut it off later this year?

  30. Thedrdonna says

    Sharon manages to convey their ignorance on the subject in the most offensive way possible, which is really par for the course.

  31. Island Planet says

    This seems to be two stories. The trans man who burnt the card came around and saw that he needed to chill as the game offends everyone equally.

    CAH however didn’t get the memo and continues to not print a card which has nothing to do with trans people – just crossdressers.

    I would like to see a ‘tranny only’ expansion pack that does nothing but mock and make fun of up tight transexuals. Maybe the poor sensitive little darlings will become desensitized to the humour the way EVERY ONE ELSE HAS HAD TO.