1. Qj201 says

    Cheney, who lied to public to drag us into war just to give away our $$$ to defense contractors and his beloved Halliburton.

  2. says

    Did Liz Cheney abandon her PREVIOUS group, “Keeping America Safe?” Which was kind of the same thing?

    I’d really like these people to disappear from public view. They have zero credibility, and maybe one heart (maybe) between them.

  3. johnny says

    Cheney has a convenient memory:

    President GWBush signed an agreement with Iraq which would remove all soldiers by the end of 2013 from their soil. That was a special agreement which stated that NO soldiers would be left there, not even security forces, etc.

    Obama simply put it into action.

    Cheney has a convenient memory.

  4. John in Houston says

    “Our allies no longer trust us.”

    You shot your FRIEND in the face and then made HIM apologize! You have no room to talk about anyone’s allies not trusting them!

  5. robertL says

    This is the man that got over six Viet Nam war deferments. Some of which are questionable. He was scared to fight his age war, but he is not afraid to send others into harms way. This is a perfect example of the present day republican agenda – do as i say not as I do.

  6. kdknyc says

    They were completely wrong about everything that got us into that hateful war in the first place. They should be shunned and ignored–why oh why are they being televised????

  7. anon says

    It’s our friends the Saudis that are funding Sunni extremists in Africa, Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Iraq, so perhaps someone can do something about that.

  8. Josh M. says

    If they were burned at the stake on the lawn of the White House, I would shake my head and say “what a shame.”

  9. Smartypants says

    Keep in mind the Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page is the mouthpiece for the delightful Rupert Murdoch, whose other news franchises bribed and blackmailed public officials and hacked the cell phone of a missing dead girl to listen to her messages.

  10. Kenneth says

    Says the man who shot down a commercial aircraft killing innocent US citizens on 9/11 and covered it up because, well he was not authorized to do so. I know, it’s a conspiracy theory, but it’s a lot more realistic than any of the crap coming out of his mouth!

  11. mike says

    Some people i disagree with politically…but Cheney i actually think is a purely evil person who has no soul, morals or brain cells.

  12. Mike says

    Let’s see – 7 people under investigation in the IRS and magically all their harddrives crash (!!) and evidence is destroyed. You know, one day he will be out of office and the first affirmative action presidency will be dissected by a media that won’t consider itself brain-dead. It is amazing, amazing what is happening TODAY. But we’ll read all about it 5-10 years from now. Can’t wait.

  13. thom says

    …This is so pathetic. Clearly, there is unrest and turmoil of his beloved “base”…you know the one….the base that wants bloody war and body counts to show the world how tough we are.Right?…And those oil contracts, don’t forget those. He needs to literally disappear forever. He is no longer relevant nor wanted by the majority of Americans who have brains. He is a disgrace to America and the whole Bush team should hang their heads in shame. Bush is fearful of even showing up in public somewhere. He is a craven coward. Why do you think he had “scheduling” conflicts which prevented him from appearing at the Opening dedication of the Freedom Tower in honor and memory of 9-11’s tragedy. Cheney NEVER had any intention of showing up, I am quite sure. Being booed and jeered at aren’t his cup of tea. Go away troll.

  14. Mike says

    LOL, if the IRS is using “the dog ate my computer”, there is going to be plenty of evidence that Obama didn’t “just hear about this stuff on the news like everyone else did!” and it is already becoming gloriously evident to even the media that they have always treated him like a special needs child rather than a Commander in Chief.

  15. will says

    I am not going to listen to Liz Cheney who threw her gay sister, Mary, under the bus in order to try and curry favor with Wyoming’s conservative voters when running for Senate. Liz went to Mary and Heather’s wedding in Washington D.C. — Mary says that Liz has no problem with gay people or gay marriage in “real” life, only in political life.

    There was no need for Liz to tell voters that her sister’s marriage was not a “real” marriage WHEN SHE SUPPORTS HER SISTER AND SISTER-IN-LAW in real life. I understand you have to do what you have to do in order to get the votes, but Mary is her SISTER and Liz gutted that relationship for a failed Senate bid.

  16. BrokebackBob says

    Cheney and all his criminal cronies (too numerous to mention here) all need to be in jail ready for execution so that we can send them all back to the place of all EVIL from which their black souls escaped. And send all their kids too.

  17. Closer says

    I’m getting closer and closer to being ready to see him prosecuted, convicted and executed as a war criminal.

  18. brandon h says

    After the crap they pulled in 2003 I wouldn’t put anything past these bastards.

  19. Tyler says

    Mike, our conservative troll, continuing to utilize the only hand Republicans have to play at this point: deflect, deflect, deflect. Obama is the bad guy and the previous administration has no culpability in any way, shape or form. Obama may not be a saint and there are certainly problems with his administration, but that all you can harp on is an IRS “scandal” when Bush/Cheney destroyed our economy and our international standing is pathetic.

    Get a clue, Mike.

  20. MIke says

    Oh, Tyler. It’s been SIX years and the waters were going to recede and the earth cool, remember?

    Chuck Todd on MSNBC today: “It’s over. His presidency is over. The majority of Americans think he’s less competent than Bush during Katrina.” Poor Chuck, that was an NBC poll, too.

  21. ny2.0 says

    Mike is our resident gay republican sycophant. Last I checked Obama is already reelected, these fools haven’t gotten the news yet.

  22. ny2.0 says

    Cheney isn’t aging well, all that hate is making his heart weaker by the minute. The cowboy hat is just pathetic.

  23. BETTY says

    “Our allies no longer trust us”. Umm, didn’t you burn those bridges with the invasion of Iraq that pretty well every country said they weren’t going to be part of your “coalition” because even they didn’t believe the claims of WMD!? Did you not alienate allies after that fiasco?

  24. says

    Yes, let’s listen to him, shall we? The last time he “warned” us that Iraq was stockpiling missiles and invading them was the only recourse, it turned out swimmingly.