1. Mike says

    I’m all for technology, but, people, stop filming everything you do and just experience it. So many people spend so much time recording concerts and other events that they miss *living* them. Especially in this case, I mean, you’re already *in* a professionally shot video that will have better coverage and production values than your footage will ever have. Live your life! I have hope that this is a fad that will die out, since 1) more and more people are noticing that they don’t remember events as well when they spend so much time filming them, and 2) more and more people are realizing that they usually watch their own footage once and then never watch it again.

  2. Brion says

    Very sweet. Not much of a song, really. Chris is a really nice guy. He used to come into the shop every so often. After that whenever he saw me on the street he would cross and say hello. Sooper nice.

  3. AriesMatt says

    @Rob, you are so right. I melt into a puddle every time he smiles.

    Dream 3-way: Chris Martin and the bass player. Woof!

  4. Ryan says

    This feels like a classic Coldplay song I’ve heard a million times before… and I’m okay with that.

  5. emjayay says

    It would be interesting to know how controlled the situation was, and what the people on the street were hearing, and where it was coming from. Obviously no sound is coming from anything you see. The soundtrack is the record.

  6. hoydengirl says

    EMJAYAY, apparently he sang live and the music was played live. A few people who were there claim that’s exactly what it sounded like. I’m sure it was mixed somewhat of course. But yes, he’s apparently a brilliant live singer. I read a few articles on it the day it was filmed and they just put out a twitter call for people to come and the first 250 or something would be in the video.