1. thom says

    oooh. my…This is so sad…another reactionary “person” who is so desperately trying to make anyone who has no problem with people being gay as “demonically” inspired. Fear-mongering? Scare tactics from the pulpit? Yep, both of those and more.
    Was a time in recent history that “people of faith” truly believed in separation of white and black people. Segregation was a god-inspired concept. They could prove it by citing passages in the bible that they interpreted it as fact and truth. Same with slavery. God was all for slavery, according to the “book”…Even the great(?) Paul commented on slavery in a strange way (look it up)..basically he was saying that one should be kind to their slaves in all that they did. So slavery was okay, right?…..
    The list is endless of contradictory passages in the book. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the Southern Baptist Convention made an official “apology” for previously embracing slavery and segregation. Wow. In your lifetime no less…but they came to the right side of history…what they believed was debunked and moved aside. Were they forced to do this? Sure. To not do so would endanger their membership numbers which were falling at a rapid pace. It is all in the numbers with these people. They prove nothing. They contribute nothing significant in the final analysis…they play on peoples’ fears. Pity.

  2. woodroad34 says

    People like Klinker don’t seem to realize that their arrogance, their hate, and their blasphemous “knowledge” of God is what will take them to Hell…IF (and that’s a dubious “if”) gays are going to “Hell” then we will be riding on Klinker’s and his ilk’s shoulders; but I highly doubt it–we look too fabulous in wings (every White Party proves it).

  3. TigHeart says

    Why do these people even live if their life is a constant reminder of how bad things are?
    Maybe extremist religious people need to champion suicide amongst themselves :/

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