Handsome Felon’s Mugshot Goes Viral, Now Up to 95,000 Facebook ‘Likes’

Jeremy meeks convicted felon photo goes viral on stockton police department facebook pageA mugshot of Jeremy Meeks, a Northern California native arrested on felony weapons charges, has garnered more than 95,000 likes on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page.

According to the department’s spokesperson Officer Joseph Silva, no previous mugshot has received as much attention since the Facebook page started in March 2012.

Meeks was arrested along with three other men on June 18th on five weapons charges during an operation that aimed to curtail an increase in shootings and robberies in Stockton.

One commenter on Facebook said of Meeks: “Wow! Soo handsome! Model material!”

However, Officer Silva pointed out that Meeks is “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area.”

Meeks' wife is reportedly "upset and furious" that he is getting so much attention.


  1. Around The Edges says

    Somehow, I doubt they’d be seeing much of his face.

    This is not a new phenomenon. Didn’t DaveyWavey demi-swoon over the Craiglist prostitute killer from CT/MA?

    Everybody likes a little “rough” aesthetic until it’s time to call the forensics squad.

  2. Charles says

    Those aren’t nudes. Those are photographs of a cock. If I took a photo of my foot, would it be a ‘nude’ because it didn’t have a show or a sock on?

  3. Charles says

    This why most murder and assault victims are women and most murderers and assaulters are the men they are currently either married to or dating.


  4. JimmyD says

    The same people saying he’s hot are also the same people bitching about shootings and lack of gun control.
    No, I’m not being overly PC or sensitive.

  5. Moniker says

    Saw his other photos, not as photogenic as this. Apparently his family set up an online-donation page to profit from all the horny girls’ adulation. And a lot of them donated!! LOL

  6. Steve says

    So many people with Stockholm Syndrome. Something like this always brings them out.

  7. pete n sfo says

    The wife ought to be happy about his celebrity. It will pretty much put him out of the crime business b/c he’ll now be so recognizable to the nation.

    Thanks for posting the link to his cock-shots. Unfortunate that he’s cut, but I could still make it work.

  8. jjose712 says

    JimmyD: And your affirmation is based on what.

    Sorry to say that, but you americans have some kind of veneration for violence. All mass murderers became instant famous, there are a lot of women visiting criminals they didn’t know, it’s insane.

    Every country has this kind of people, but you seem to have a lot more.

    About the guy, yes he is handsome, not my type (the tattoos are a big turn off for me) but he is handsome, but this insane overreaction is based of the fetishization of his criminal record.
    If this wasn’t a mugshot propably people won’t react in such excesive way

  9. says

    Based on his other photos, it’s not a case of him being super-hot, and more like the mugshot photographer doing a really good job of giving Meeks the “Glamour Shot” treatment.

  10. David From Canada says

    I first saw his photo on CNN news website, and I glanced right past it. He really didn’t grab me and I still don’t think that he’s that handsome unless you like rough trade.

  11. McMike says

    As if every guy commenting on he isn’t that good looking wouldn’t be the first ones to drop to their knees.

    Gay men are so pathetic sometimes in their desperation to make catty comments.

  12. McMike says

    As if every guy commenting on he isn’t that good looking wouldn’t be the first ones to drop to their knees.

    Gay men are so pathetic sometimes in their desperation to make catty comments.

  13. Malcolm says

    Americans find bad boys attractive. We are a hypermasculine society that finds thugism sexy, including in politics and government.

  14. Lucas says

    @McMike, sorry that I don’t find felons and gang members very sexy. I would not be on my knees. Also, look at his other pictures, you idiots. He’s missing teeth, and he’s really not good looking at all.

    I second what Daniel said. The internet at its dumbest.

  15. walter says

    how pathetic have we become when a man’s physical appearance becomes more important than he is a convicted fell?