1. JackFknTwist says

    What ?

    Like this fantasy is taking place in every bathroom in….. eh, Texas ! No other state , just Texas.

    I was going to discuss the technicalities of bra-stuffing and pubic hair exposing at the same time, but……..who the F… cares about these gob$hytes.

  2. Island Planet says

    Love it. Did no one listen to this ad before sending it out? Because ‘No UNequal rights’ sounds just like ‘no ON equal rights’. SNL couldn’t have done a better (worse?) job.

    Also, any parent sending a child into a public restroom anywhere unattended (especially in a McDonalds!) is a complete moron. The world is full of crazy ass people (the vast majority of whom are dressed according to their birth gender) and they all meet in the washroom at Micky D’s.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Mommy, what’s crouch?”

    Yes, BOLLOX. All I could think about was how big was bulge of the crotch of the person in the ladies’ room. And were they crouching at the time of the alleged exposure.

    And I’m NOT a size queen. I swear I am NOT! But I like crotches. But that’s all in the past because I’m NOT gonna’ pay money to get to any crotches. I’m a cheap ol’ b1tch.

  4. MikeyOnTheGreen says

    It is a poorly done ad, but the concern is real. Google “Colleen Francis”.

    Whether or not you think that girls should have to share bathrooms with untransitioned transsexuals with penises, that issue really should be dealt with on its own. Why was it stuffed into a bill that is intended to protect people from discrimination based on sexual orientation? This should have been a bill about gay, lesbian, bi, and straight people. Transgender issues are different and should be addressed in separate legislation.

  5. says

    Mikey,it’s not in the ordinance.

    We can argue technicalities and the original language, but that language was removed. You can check the ordinance yourself.

    The fact that these bigots keep pushing this fear shows that their motives are purely out of animus towards LGBT people.

  6. Big Mac says

    At least it doesn’t sound like the (alleged) McDonald’s worker was reading from a script or anything.

    But tell me….does your pubic hair show when you “crouch”? I mean, that’s just poor grooming.

  7. Arkansassy says

    I’m all for trans rights but I also think there’s a difference between transexuals and cross dressers. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to know the difference.

    If I was a parent and my daughter came out saying there was a man in the restroom, I too would be upset. How would I know what that man’s intentions were? Maybe the person was a transsexual but there are some men out there who cross dress as a sexual fetish and actually get off by wearing women’s clothes. And honestly, if this guy is stuffing his bra and exposing a bulge, he sounds more like a cross dresser.

    This is a difficult issue that shouldn’t be marginalized by the gay community.

  8. MikeyOnTheGreen says

    Evan, as I understand it, it still is an issue. The ordinance bans “gender identity” and “gender expression” discrimination in public accommodations. Initially, there was a second sentence which said something like “This ordinance applies to bathrooms and lockers so long as the person consistently identifies with a particular gender.”

    They then removed the second provision, supposedly in response to the bathroom concerns. But since the first part of the law covers bathrooms and lockers, the issue still exists, only now you don’t even have the proviso about consistent identification. So not only do you have the original concern about transsexuals, but you also now have an issue of “genderqueers” who say they are men on Monday and women on Tuesday shifting back and forth.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less who takes a dump where. I’m fine taking a pee next to anyone. But none of this has anything to do with LGB civil rights and these issues shouldn’t have been dumped into the same bill. This is all the result of the political ideology of “LGBT”.

  9. Cristan Williams says


    The Colleen Francis thing was proven to be a hoax.

    In fact, I’ve contacted the political group to get them to substantiate the story in their political ad and they won’t do it.

    However, if you want to see a real McDonald’s incident involving a trans person, there’s a lot of videos of Chrissy Lee Polis, a trans woman being beaten unconscious by two cis women while McDonald’s employees laughed and filmed the beating.

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