Homophobic Mob Attacks Gay Organization In Rome, Throws Excrement At Offices

Di gay project rome

Southern Rome’s Di'Gay Project (DGP) was attacked Wednesday night when an anti-gay mob threw excrement at the organization’s offices. DGP provides community, youth and cultural services to the LGBT community.

Earlier this month, Mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino promised the approval of a Civil Union Register for same-sex couples and registration of overseas same-sex marriages.

According to Italian news website The Local, the homophobic gang, estimated to be aged between 15 and 40, also threw wooden boxes and vegetables as people inside rehearsed for a theatre performance.

Before running away, gang members were heard to shout "we give you fire, you deserve to die.”

Speaking to Corriere Della Sera, politican and honorary president of DGP Imma Battaglia said that the attack is part of a recent increase in homophobia that must be addressed. 

Battaglia has since requested a meeting with the mayor to discuss solutions to increasing homophobia in the city.

Actress and director Maria Chiara Cucinotta said:

"We have not suffered physical or structural damage, but certainly in the heart, yes."

Performers vowed to return to rehearsals last night.


  1. Pandion says

    You can’t even begin to imagine the cultural abyss most of the Italian population wallows in. I lived in Florence for a number of years, I know.
    It’s a mean, narrow-minded, deeply cynical society.

  2. Deth says

    Somebody give the GDP at least one illegal flame-thrower so that they can ‘give’ fire back to the anti-gay mobs who say “We give you fire…”

  3. jamal49 says

    Any bets that this attack was aided and abetted by the reactionary elements of the Catholic Church? So much for Francis being the, um, “good pope”.

  4. EchtKultig says

    “Italy is about as gay friendly as Mississippi and with a terrible economy to boot. ”

    Not quite that bad. I think Milan is more northern European in its outlook. That’s also why it’s the only profitable part/area of the Italian economy. It’s hard to make generalizations about Europeans, anyhow. I grew up in a neighborhood just outside DC with many Europeans. Back in the 80s & 90s they seemed less homophobic than Americans, at least superficially. However, yes, perhaps they have this cynicism you talk about. I remember one couple, I got the feeling sometimes they were just eating up some gay friend of theirs because he had a villa on the Med. they sometimes visited.

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