Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Open to Marriage Equality Repeal if Voters Want It

Bruce Rauner, a Republican challenger to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, says he would consider repealing the state's marriage equality law if voters wanted that, the Chicago Tribune reports:

RaunerRauner has struggled with the issue, telling voters last year that he would follow the results of an advisory referendum to settle the gay marriage question if one were held. Later, after lawmakers approved same-sex marriage bill, Rauner said he would veto the bill if he were governor.

On Monday, Rauner tried to steer away from the hot-button social issue, telling reporters once again that he had no “social issues agenda” but declining to express his personal beliefs on same-sex marriage. “I have many gay friends and if they choose to marry I hope they have great lives together,” said Rauner after a speech to the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce.

But he did say he was open to a repeal: "Now it's passed, it's the law, I don't have any agenda to change it and the only way I'd change it is if it were done in a referendum — the voters said that they'd want to change it."

LGBT groups are pushing back, the HuffPost reports:

Marriage equality advocates associated with Equality Illinois, Lambda Legal, The Civil Rights Agenda and other groups, as well as several elected officials and community leaders, signed onto an open letter criticizing Rauner distributed Sunday.

"Rauner, the Republican candidate for governor, claims to be a social moderate," the letter read. "We know the real Bruce Rauner. His administration would very likely be working behind-the-scenes to block new legislation and erode the existing laws protecting our families."

Illinois' marriage equality law took effect on Sunday.


  1. Craig says

    Oh go ahead and repeal. See you in federal court. Really stupid thing to suggest this after watching every single one of these amendments fail in court.

  2. Jim says

    This man wants to be governor and he has not the slightest idea how the law works. Has he never heard of Prop 8? You can’t “repeal” people’s marriages, fool. Have you not heard of the due process clause of the 14th amendment? Where does the Republican Party get these numbnuts?

  3. says

    He knows the voters don’t want to revisit this, and he knows any repeal effort would fail (as well as being completely unconstitutional), so this is nothing more than blowing smoke out the wazoo to appease a few in his bigot Republican base. Typical.

    Marriage equality is settled in Illinois, end of story.

  4. Hansel Currywurst says

    Pea brain at work: “Hmmm, if I lie to half my party half the time and lie to the other half of my party the other half of the time and none of them really pays much attention… I win!”

  5. Bob K says

    Ilinois Gays meed to get out the vote against this jerk.

    And they need to picket the Catholic bishops who are firing Gay teachers.

    Or they can stay home and be victims

  6. Robert says

    I’m open to seeing him cut open to see how his body works if the voters want it. We can do it live on the court house steps in Springfield. But, they have to vote for it. We’re not just going to vivisect another insane republican candidate because it’s the right thing to do.

  7. MaryM says

    Rauner is a disgusting homophobic pig.

    Voters have no right to determine my rights.

    Rauner is a typical Republican – he hates the USA and he has neo-fascist beliefs.

  8. Mikey M says

    It’s the state of Chicago, here, really, not the state of Illinois. If he thinks his Red Hate will fly with voters, he’s hilariously wrong.

  9. Jellybean says

    This man ruined the life of one of his primary competitors. Suggesting he was gay, and physically harassed employs. He is not a nice person.

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