1. Marc says

    While some of his comments are good, the idea that the universe is some magical wish-granting machine is absurd at best and dangerous at worst. It’s simply not true. And for every actor that succeeds like Jim, there are thousands and thousands that don’t. Yes, we should be encouraged to go after our dreams, but sometimes being practical is necessary too. His airy-fairy talk at an airy-fairy university is sweet sounding delusion.

  2. Marc says

    Having watched both videos, I think all graduates of this crazy cult need to trade in their caps and gowns for a white robe and a room with padded walls. These people are cray!

  3. Mitch says

    Cray, except not. I have been practicing TM for 40 years. My experience is that the TM technique, organization, and university are anything but cultish. Jim meditates, and has done major environmental and international food resource work for years. As for the students, take a look at results of testing and academic performance in Iowa and nationally.

  4. Raybob says

    And yet,
    despite his delusional world-view that couldn’t *possibly* work or have value,

    everyone knows who Jim Carrey is.

    Hardly anyone knows who Marc is.

  5. steve says

    more celebrity-worshipping…convincing people they need to be celebrities in order to be happy or celebrated and admired as people…ridiculous… the People Magazine culture I hope will end one day. And yes, I think it’s very easy for a successful A(not to mention white male) multi-millionaire to tell people to follow their dreams.

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