1. DamFine says

    George RR Martin is the author of the series of books, A Song of Fire & Ice, not an actor on Game of Thrones.

  2. I wont grow up says

    Is there anyone who DOESN’T know that Dr. Oz is a charlatan, come on he’s a product of Oprah, one of the greatest hucksters of all time.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Absolutely brilliant. John Oliver is really hitting his stride. It’s a blend of the humor of The Daily Show and the well-researched muckraking of Rachel Maddow.

  4. dana says

    George RR Martin is the writer/creator of Game Of Thrones not an actor in the show. Why do I keep reading this site?

  5. gr8guya says

    He should have replaced Stephen Colbert. His single topic shows are a good follow-up to the news show of Jon Stewart. How did Comedy Central let him get away?

  6. PolarBeast says

    @I WONT GROW UP — Damfine was pointing out an error in the text of the article. Maybe you missed the typo!

  7. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Polarbeast – my comment should have been directed at you. I think?

  8. jexerer says

    Which character is GRRMartin portraying in the Game of Thrones series? I haven’t seen him doing any “acting” yet. … I am behind a few episodes, does he have a cameo or something?

  9. johnny says


    It’s a matter of timing. Oliver’s show was already in the planning stages and agreements had been made when Colbert later announced he’d be leaving for the Late Show..

    Sometimes that’s just how things pan out.

  10. jexerer says


    Yes, that is G.R.R. Martin skyping with John Oliver. No one here is saying that was an impostor or a fake.

    The error being pointed at is the claim that GRRM is an “ACTOR on Game of Thrones”. He’s not. He’s the AUTHOR of the books it’s based on. According to their wiki, he had a cameo, but it got cut.

    Clearer now? 😉

  11. anon says

    Does anyone know how to stop getting e-mails from Dr. Oz? He’s a crafty spammer, that one.

  12. Terry Miller says

    @DAMFIRE I betcha Andy was thinking “author” and his fingers typed “actor.”