Key Figures from NOM Plot Next Anti-Gay Move in Secret Meeting

Key figures from NOM have been plotting their next move in secret in Princeton, NJ, calling themselves The Princeton Group.

Maggie_gallagherWrites Jeremy Hooper at NOM Exposed:

On Friday, June 13, I celebrated my fifth wedding anniversay with the man to whom I have been partnered for eleven years. A few days later, my husband and I celebrated our first Father's (or Fathers') Day. It was a great weekend to honor our strong bond, loving family, and overall peace.

Little did we know that just about fifty miles away from our NYC home, over in Princeton, NJ, Maggie Gallagher (NOM cofounder and past president), Robert George (NOM cofounder and chairman emeritus), Brian Brown (current NOM president), John Eastman (NOM's current board chair), and a number of other individuals who were responsible for creating NOM back then (like founding board members Luis Tellez and Chuck Stetson, for instance) and are responsible for maintaining NOM now (like Sean Fieler, a key funder, and Diego Von Stauffenberg, NOM's current development director) were holding a secret, invite-only meeting focused on "developing and deploying an action plan to protect marriage and preserve religious liberties." It certainly seems like some sort of secret, shadowy version of NOM (Super NOM?) is going on behind the scenes.

Also involved (as host of the secret meeting)? San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone.


  1. Gerry says

    This is all about trying to keep the anti-gay “gravy train” going. They really could care less about gay marriage, what they are concerned about is their expense accounts.

  2. simon says

    They are losing on all fronts. They are losing the court battles. They are losing the media battles. They soon will lose the support of the GOP. They are on their deathbed. What they can say is “In God we trust”. Good luck.

  3. Sean Maloney says

    What Gerry said. They are desperately trying to cling to their cash cow. This has always been about money rather than “protecting” marriage. And in regard to most of these cowards, it’s a literal “cow.”

  4. says

    Cordileone’s role isn’t surprising. What is surprising is that he continues to do his plotting with impunity from the city of St. Francis AND alleged Ground Zero of zero tolerance for professional homohate mongers. WWHD? What would Harvey do about this religiofascist in his San Francisco front yard? More than equate licking stamps his picture on them with actual activism, methinks.

  5. Patrick Gallagher says

    Without antigay hatred these people have no source of income.

    Talk about blood money.

    Will it be worth it, Maggie, if your own son gives up on waiting for you to die and offs himself?

  6. Hygienic says

    They’re terrorists. Only instead of doing their own violent dirty work, they just give others the motive and impetus. Instead of using weapon power, they use vicious lies and monetary power.

    They’re quintessential villains.

  7. anon says

    There are a lot of wealthy Catholics in the Princeton area, so this was probably an appeal for money. This is not a group of dedicated volunteers, so maybe they are going to change focus onto something else, but they need funding and they need it quickly to stay relevant. There’s no legal requirement that their meetings be public, so a private meeting isn’t by itself a scandal, and their agenda is pretty clear anyway.

  8. Bob K says

    As ANON reminds us, NOM is heavily catholic, with the mormons having pulled back from it a bit.
    Still hoping that Our Gal Sal Cordileone makes his public speech tomorrow, and that San Franciscans will finally boo him out of town when he returns home.

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