Kim Kardashian: ‘Boycotting The Beverly Hills Hotel Won’t Affect the Sultan of Brunei’


Kim Kardashian took to her blog today to speak out on the boycott of The Beverly Hills Hotel aimed at its owner the Sultan of Brunei. The boycott began in the wake of the Sultan’s implementation of sharia law in the Southeast Asian nation late April. Under the law individuals can be stoned to death if proven to have committed homosexual acts. Celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Richard Branson and Jay Leno have been vocal in their support of the boycott. And while Kim originally supported the boycott, pulling her bridal shower from the famed LA destination, she now believes that it is not the best way forward: 

For a sultan that has 20 billion dollars, this loss of business doesn’t even make a dent in his fortunes. But the hotel staff are being negatively affected every day with the boycott that has gone on for weeks now… We shouldn’t punish the amazing hard-working people who have been so good to us for years! …There must be other ways to express our views without punishing the workers, some who I know personally have families at home and depend on the city’s business and tips to survive…I support Rose McGowan and Russell Crowe’s takes on this matter. The unjust treatment and violation of rights of the LGBT community around the world is never justified and I will continue to proudly support the LGBT community in every way imaginable. I do believe though that instead of this boycott, there has to be another solution. I’m glad to hear that industry executives like Jeffrey Katzenberg and Casey Wasserman are reaching out to leaders of the hotel chain to discuss a way to potentially end the protest.

You can read Kim’s blog post in its entirety HERE

UPDATE: The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has pointed out that The Beverly Hills Hotel leadership promised to guarantee the jobs, incomes and gratuities of its employees following the uproar over the Sultan of Brunei's draconian laws. In an op-ed in The Hollywood Reporter this month, HRC Vice President Jeff Krehely said the sultan was turning his employees into 'human shields':

Dorchester [Collection — the hotel group that runs The Beverly Hills Hotel] has said that its employees are the “victims” of these [protests] and that only they would feel the financial impact of Americans taking business elsewhere. Now the company has begun to parade employees — some of whom would be subjected to the laws in Brunei — and their stories into the media and online.

The ploy comes despite assurances that the company has guaranteed the jobs, income, gratuities and benefits of all of its employees during the controversy. This stands in stark contrast to its claim that actions against the sultan’s hotels will result in a big income loss for its staff. Its leadership is talking out of both sides of their mouths. Given the guarantees, how will its staff actually be impacted?

We urge Hollywood to see past this smokescreen. With $20 billion in the bank, the sultan can afford to support his employees. But what his company cannot afford to do — if it wishes to fix its badly damaged reputation — is continue to shamefully use its employees in a deceptive effort to shield the sultan from criticism.


  1. tim S says

    If the hotel is boycotted enough and long enough, he will be forced to sell it, and the new owners should be better.

  2. TampaZeke says

    There “has to be” another solution yet neither she NOR Russell Crowe have offered even one other solution. Until they come up with one they should shut the hell up. It’s not THEIR people who are under threat here.

  3. Rene says

    When businesses with unethical practices are forced to close, everyday people who just need a job to put food on the table always hurt the worst. But when that business closes, it sends a clear message about how future businesses should operate.

    It’s a bad argument. It’s like saying, “They’re pouring toxic waste into the ocean, but the workers need to pour the toxic waste into the ocean so they can pay their water bill.”

  4. Elsewhere says

    In one sense, she’s not entirely wrong (and you don’t know how much it pains me to say this).

    The SoB could keep all the hotels in the Dorchester Collection (The Beverly Hills AND the Bel-Air, the Dorchester in London, The Meurice and Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris and severl others)open with full staff and no guests for many years before it became a serious financial drain on his resources.

    The point of this boycott is both political and social, and I see international shaming as one more more idea that bears utilizing; if nothing else, it tells who are our friends are, and who are not.

  5. JMC says

    It’s frustrating to see another unequivocal ally take this stance. Personal ties to employees at the hotel are preventing Rose and Kim from seeing the big picture here.

  6. Jeff says

    So, why just he Beverly Hills Hotel? Dorchester Properties owns many hotels and spas. We hear very little about the Bell-Air or The Dorchester in London, or the many hotels in France and Europe. Are there boycotts for these locations as well?

  7. Hugh says

    She’s right, we can boycott as a purely political stance, but the only ones hurting are the employees, and it doesn’t seem like anybody in this boycott’s even addressed them.

    I don’t think people are taking the time to imagine how much $20 billion really is. Even if he decided, out of spite, to keep business running as usual, this boycott would fall apart a lot quicker than he would. People will forget or the next trendy cause will come up and supporters will drop off gradually.

    I’m not saying the boycott is useless, but let’s at least address the employees who work for these hotels.

  8. Leo says

    People getting stoned takes precedent over a staff member getting laid off from a hotel because they don’t have enough business. End of discussion.

    That Kim is a “star” is…sad.

    That’s all.

  9. robertL says

    This woman has no credibility. I know this. The public knows this. The White House knows this. The problem – she does not know it. She associates “fifteen minute” publicity with intelligence.

  10. phluidik says

    Hey, Kim. You’re talking about the situation, aren’t you? Kinda the point, yea? Now sit back down and try not to hurt yourself thinking too hard about things.

  11. MaryM says

    LGBT staff at these hotels should be looking for alternative employment.

    if they want to take money from scum like the Sultan of Brunei then they are collaborating scum who deserve contempt.

  12. Jay says

    The two options you give are not mutually exclusive. I believe the boycott should be continued AND we must lobby to end the trade deal with Brunei.

  13. Daniel says

    If Kardashian really cared about the plight of gay people I bet the Sultan would actually accept her phone call.

  14. FakeOutrage says

    I actually agree. If this guy has 20 billion, then it’s doubtful one hotel boycott is going to hurt his bottom line for a very long time. And what ABOUT the other properties he owns? why no boycott?

  15. MIke says

    I am glad to know the amateur porn community’s thoughts on the issue. Now isn’t it just about time for her next divorce and subsequent media frenzy?

  16. Joe in Ct says

    Please make her go away. Kim’s right up there with Sarah Palin on the “Most Irritating Media Whore Idiot List.”

  17. bambinoitaliano says

    And her qualification to speak because of her butt? Talk about speaking out of her ass. Until this whore done whoring and writing her memoir as her last rite to the world, only will i begin to take her seriously. I doubt it…the line is long….

  18. bkmn says

    Hey Kim, how about you and your current hubby start a fund to help the hotel workers? You have plenty of money to do it.

    What, you don’t care that much? Then STFU you money hungry Kow!

  19. JB says

    Brunei hasn’t enforced their death penalty law since 1957 and they don’t intend to. This is all religious politics. Then we have $40B to contend with. The place could sit empty for 100 years and he wouldn’t need to sell it, it’s real estate – a watch. Simple as that. No matter what, the hotel will increase in value! If anything the boycott is making it even more valuable!

  20. Des Moines says

    Kill it with fire. All the Kardashians. Just like Mab in the Merlin miniseries. If we all just decide to ignore them they’ll shrivel up and die. I’d rather see them die in a fire though.

  21. Kevin says

    Is it the boycott that is harming the employees or the Sultan? Does he have any responsibilities as an employer?

  22. Houndentenor says

    Human rights should be our main foreign policy agenda. It’s not. Instead we cowtow to any country that will sell us cheap stuff we want to buy (see: China). Shame on us. Yes, we should boycott everything from Brunei, and that includes not staying at hotels owned by a dictator who just put horrible laws in place that affect all sorts of groups (women and gays among them). This is a no-brainer. No, he probably won’t be hurt from this but we also won’t be giving him our money which is the point. Maybe he will sell to a better company.

  23. Andy says

    The boycott has been misguided from the start. The hotel is run independently and has been a good friend of our community. Plus, lots of us work there! The Beverly Hills Hotel recognized same-sex partnerships before gay marriage was legalized by recognizing and offering insurance to the same-sex partners of workers. It has donated facilities and money to our cause. It advertises openly that it welcomes same-sex wedding celebrations.

    But, you say, it’s owned by a country with Sharia Law. The United Arab Emerates, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, and many other countries with dubious human rights records and Sharia law, are heavily invested in the West, in hotels and movies, in Apple and Twitter, in Citigroup, Four Seasons and Fairmont hotels, Time Warner and Valentino to name a very few. In fact, Qatar Investment Authority (the sovereign wealth fund of the Sharia nation of Qatar) is the lead investor of Miramax Films.

    But most of these countries’ money doesn’t come from any of these investments, large as they may be. It comes from oil. It comes from the oil we all use.

    And therein lies the both the flaw and the hypocrisy of the boycott. To threaten the demise of The Beverly Hills Hotel does not begin to touch the Sultan financially or politically. The hotel doesn’t pay his check, Shell oil does. Using the hotel as leverage is really no leverage at all.

  24. sean says

    You shouldn’t be working for an SOB like the Sultan of Brunei if you’re LGBT or an ally, period. So quit the damn job and go find another. That way you won’t have to worry about losing said job if the boycott continues.

    Russell Crowe and the media whore are right, this boycott will have no effect on the Sultan, nor his pocketbook. This does not mean we should stop the boycott. Raising awareness is key. Should we also be working to get the US to apply financial pressure? Duh! We should have been doing that long ago. Of course the boycott should continue, voting with your pocketbook is the only way to get these people to hear you no matter how much money they have.

  25. MK says

    I think it’s fair to question the reason behind boycotts, especially when there are many other business owned by countries that have the same laws and actually enforce those laws. But yet you hear nothing about boycotting those people. Just the Beverly hills hotel. It’s amazing to me the short sighted nature of peoples morals. Has anyone said anything about Saudi Arabia? Shouldn’t they be under the same focus / boycott – That’s why boycotts don’t work when dealing with foreign governments – They operate in the same fashion as capitalism.

  26. Billy Pollina says

    I’m a tiny bit involved with the boycott so I want to address some of the points and questions here. First, the employees are NOT HURTING at all. The Dorchester Collection has guaranteed their full salaries AND TIPS throughout the boycott. This is what having a billionaire as your owner will buy you. Second, yes all the hotels are being boycotted. This Thursday and Friday the 26th and 27th there are protests all around the world. In Los Angeles this Friday the 27th there is a protest across the street from the Beverly Hills Hotel at Will Rogers Park from 7-8PM. The decision was made to publicly focus on The Beverly Hills Hotel because resources are limited however all the participants of the boycott are not giving The Bel Air Hotel and other hotels in the Sultan’s portfolio business either. You’ll remember that Anna Wintour has banned her group from staying at any of the Sultan’s properties throughout any of the fashion weeks. Lastly, is this hurting the very, very rich Sultan? The answer is yes, in a big way. Though it’s not what you think. Will we hurt him in his wallet? Maybe. A little bit. More importantly we are hurting his image, his brand and this is hurting his bottom line more than the boycott. Perhaps most importantly his ego is bruised and in his world this means a whole hell of a lot. No one questions the monarch, except we are. There was a conference call with some of the boycott coalition members and some government officials and it was said that the Sultan has taken notice and is addressing the problem. What exactly this means we don’t know. Others higher on the food chain may have more details. What people do know is his PR blitz is on and it is impressive. Witness this Kardashian “opinion” bs. Orchestrated to be sure by friendly publicists. The Sultan is hiding behind his employees and attempting to shield himself from ridicule. His PR machine is flexing its muscle from major publications to small business journals. The boycott has to stand. The message must be made clear that if one threatens human rights in such an egregious fashion, or at all, the world will act. The boycott is not only an action to force the Sultan to sell his hotels and to change his laws but it is also a message to the rest of the world that we will put you in check should you decide to threaten women, LGBTs or any group. #StopTheSultan

  27. MaryM says

    The boycott of the evil pigf***er’s hotels has raised awareness of the situation in Brunei.

    Getting Brunei kicked out of the TransPacific alliance is the goal however as that WILL have a massive impact.

    The hotel boycott will assist in that.

    LGBT people need to understand that if they continue to take money from that evil pigf***er then they are collaborating with extremism.

    Find a new job.

  28. woodroad34 says

    I’m sure she speaks for the vapid, shallow people who follow her but not for real intelligent people. If she wasn’t constantly pushing her boobs and ass in our face, I’d have no knowledge of her. She’s talentless, innocuous, and self-absorbed modern day version of Angelyne–just like the baby-daddy, whats-his-name.

  29. says

    Rose Mcgowen is literally doing nothing to support LGBT. Anytime someone approaches her on twitter and says “what about the LGBT stoned in Brueni?!” she defensively responds back with “what have YOU done fo womans rights?!” this whole campaign is drenched in homophobia and now the Kardashians are endorsing homophobia too

  30. Randy says

    I pride myself on still not really knowing what the heck a Kardashian is. I have a vague idea that it has something do with OJ and a TV show for the not-easily-bored.

  31. Kyle says

    If it were blacks or latinos or any race being stoned to death by a leader who owned a major hotel, ALL celebs would boycott the place and never dare brush it of like they do with homophobia.

  32. Mike Sullivan says

    I’m not a fan – but she is CORRECT!! As a gay man, I have always believed that a boycott was dumb, a stupid idea that is hurting all the many gay employees of these hotels. It will have NO effect whatsoever. I won’t boycott and in fact I changed my reservation in London from the Savoy to the DOrchester just to show solidarity withthe gay employees – they were wonderful and appreciative and support all efforts to change the law but a boycott was a bad idea that HURTS the cause.

  33. Jordan says

    Do not fall for the pro Beverly Hills Hotel tactics of this campaign. This campaign is as anti gay as you can get. They are trying to pretend to care about gay people by stalking every blog discussing this issue and demanding gays not be so uppity. The owner of their hotel mandated the worst human rights violations against gays in this global climate! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

  34. Michelle says

    If you follow the story on social media, the hotel employees have actually made many questionable and downright homophobic statements themselves. Through extensive research and following twitter pages affiliated to the Beverly Hills hotel I’ve seen a number of posts by hotel staff that essentially say “the gay agenda is trying to control opinions” which A.) tells me the hotel and it’s staff are not genuine in their so called claims of being detached from the Brunei leaders beliefs and B.) they are completely out of touch regarding the horrible effects of homophobia abroad.

  35. Adam J says

    Anyone else get the feeling the general messages from the employees is “Look gays we need your money. We really couldn’t give two shts about your gay brothers and sisters being jailed and beat and stoned. Just spend you pink dollar here!”

  36. Willie says

    The people demanding we not do boycotts are the same ones who demanded the gay community still eat at Chik Fil A AFTER THE OWNER STATED HE’S FUNDING GROUPS THAT KILL GAYS!!! These people are apologetic cowards who resent LGBT activism and want gays silenced. That’s all it is. There could be a company that states they will shoot gays if they walk in the building and the apologetic crowd will still demand gays not boycott that establishment!

  37. JB says

    The hotel is not run by the investor folks, it’s unrelated and its disgusting of otherwise intelligent people to imply that the people who work there agree or have anything to do with this!

  38. JB says

    There is also a pesky political dark side to this. Billy Pollina who is on this thread represents a corrupt labor union who wants to organize the hotel. This is the real reason for the outrage, not gay rights. Google it.

  39. Todd Out West says

    Stupid rich people with money who don’t care about anything but being media whores.

    Rich people are afraid you’ll look into their financial crap, that you’ll see how they profit by the misery and oppression of people all over the world.

    This hotel chain is nothing compared to what else is going on. It’s all bad, it’s all dirty, and they all are part of the status quo – they ARE the problem.

  40. jarago says

    She is right in the sense that the only people being hurt by the boycott are the employees who will soon be laid off or fired.

  41. Klien says

    It’s important to note the people defending the hotel are stalking various sites parroting the same talking points. They are all about money. They want us pesky gays to go away. They don’t care about brutal persecution of gay people and human rights. The hotel campaign has made clear that alllll they are concened about is money. That’s why they are losing.

  42. andover1 says

    I wish people would stop reading about her in the tabloids and caring about this idiotic. We need her to go away – now.

  43. andover1 says

    She is the disgrace of America. No dicernable talent, dumb as a rock and uber annoying. And yet gets more press time than Obama does on a daily basis. This has been going on for years. Please someone stop it.

  44. daggerdan says

    I would like to know if the “K” clan are good tippers! I also don’t see Kim call out the Sultan in the media. There is no camera that she won’t get in front of,so let her slam the Sultan on camera! I also don’t see her start a fund to help these “friends” of hers.

  45. lookyloo says

    Of course I don’t agree with the religious killing of women who have sex out of wedlock..

    But think of the workers who quarry the stones to throw or the workers who chop the wood and build the pyre. They have bills to pay and families to feed.

    So, gosh Kim I’d like to make a tiny stance to send a message that you and people like you shouldn’t be bludgeoned to death or burned alive… but.. well, those people need jobs.

  46. me says

    Some of her other friends don’t agree/feel the same way. Carole Bayer Sager, who attended Kim’s bridal shower, has been a vocal supporter of boycotting the Beverly Hills Hotel.

    I agree with JEFF, above:

    “So, why just he Beverly Hills Hotel? Dorchester Properties owns many hotels and spas. We hear very little about the Bell-Air or The Dorchester in London, or the many hotels in France and Europe. Are there boycotts for these locations as well?”