1. gr8guyca says

    Here’s an example that could have been used:

    A devout Catholic does not approve of divorce, but is hired to photograph a wedding of two divorced people. That ceremony “celebrates” divorce. Does the photographer have a right to refuse based on religious beliefs?

  2. Screen Name says

    Perfect. This is what happens when logic, reason and consistency are applied. It’s what happens when Fox News Bubble-speakers have to express their views to those outside the bubble – their false attempts at (il)logic are blown apart, and their pure animus is revealed.

  3. says

    Well played, Rep. Nadler. Should be required viewing for all those who miss the actual point of non-discrimination laws and think gay couples should just find another florist, bakery etc. It’s not about a couple and their cake. And Mat Staver clearly has no logic behind his defense of giving the religious special permission to target gay people for exclusion.

    @GRGUYCA: No.

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