LONDON – Teenage Gang Targets Gay Couple In Homophobic Attack

Barclays bank whitechapel london

Police in London are investigating a June 13 homophobic attack on a gay couple.

23-year-old Walter Adrian and his boyfriend, who asked not to be named, were attacked by a group of up to seven youths outside a bank in Whitechapel in London's east end. As the couple withdrew cash, the teenagers surrounded them and hurled homophobic insults.

Mr. Adrian described the youths as 15 to 18-year-old Bangladeshis wearing dark sports clothing, one of whom was wearing an oversized yellow t-shirt.

Adrian was left unconscious and bruised after the attack while his partner suffered bruising to the jaw.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, Mr Adrian said:

“We weren’t even holding hands or kissing or anything, but all the comments were based on us being gay. They were saying, ‘this is our street, this is our area, get out of here’, just because they thought we were gay. It happens a lot ‘round this area and East London. We weren’t even acting gay and that’s what’s upsetting. Whether anyone is gay or not you just can’t feel safe.”

Mr Adrian’s partner said: “I feel like I have to ‘gay-down’ a bit. We are just scared and afraid it might happen again and it just shouldn’t be like that. I think it’s a clash as people are starting to move into multicultural areas.”

Two 16-year-olds were arrested on the same day and taken to an east London police station.

Both teenagers have been bailed to return to on July 4 pending further enquiries.


  1. Josh M. says

    Why not organize an east London pride and march thousands right up that street? Show these recent immigrants exactly what England is about: assimilate or emigrate.

  2. Oscar says

    Many parts of London resemble the 3rd world these days. Rampant immigration from the middle east and south asia have rendered London to be more like Karachi than the old, civilized capital that many people picture in their minds. A short while back, a similar attack occurred in east london, where 2 white gay boys where beaten and to never come back as “this is a muslim neighborhood.”

    Sadly, with political correctness and the demand for cheap labor, the West has brought this on itself. And it’s a problem that’s never going to go away.

  3. Truth says

    Muslim scum. The same thing is going to happen here more and more if America doesn’t stop letting in muslims, orthodox Jews, Russians and catholics from South America.

  4. King Ralph says

    No surprise there. Britain looted the third world, then welcomed the survivors, and now the survivor’s evil spawn feel entitled — and will for generations to come, forever.

  5. Chuck Mielke says

    Can we tone down the racism/ethnocentrism? Youth gangs are an old phenomenon. Have you seen “West Side Story”? Youth of differing ethnicities claim territories and defend them from other gangs and interlopers of whatever outside group; their favored tools are threats and violence. It’s not a question of color or nationality, it’s a sociological function of youth groups in conditions of poverty or oppression.

  6. Oscar says

    “it’s a sociological function of youth groups in conditions of poverty or oppression.”

    Yep, you’re right. They’re the true victims here.

  7. Deth says

    “We weren’t even holding hands or kissing or anything…”
    “We weren’t even acting gay…”
    “I feel like I have to ‘gay-down’ a bit.”

    These quotes really rub salt in the wounds. It indicates they had already conceded to the demands of homophobes and ‘gayed-down’, and their complaint is that it STILL wasn’t enough to avoid a beating. Does this couple think that being brutalized would have been acceptable if they WERE holding hands, kissing, or ‘acting gay’?! It seems that way.

    They feel like they have to ‘gay down’ even more now?! What might that look like anyway? They leave the house separately and walk with enough distance from each other that they look like strangers? IMHO they should GAY-UP, and go back in that neighborhood with weapons ready for a fight.

    What happened to “Silence=Death”?! Gays will only stop being beaten down when they stop rolling over on their backs like spaniels when kicked.

  8. Eugene says


    Oppression? They’re the ones doing the oppression. And what’s actually “racist” here is to pretend that their national culture has nothing to do with the incident. You might have a point if they attacked people because of their nationality, but if they use homophobic insults and treat gays as outsiders, it’s a sign that their national culture is homophobic.

  9. Randy says

    When someone says you can’t walk down the same street they can, then you must return with many more people like you, and repeat as long as it takes.

  10. Anon says


    When I kiss in public, I’m ready for a fight with s***-heads like YOU.

    If you’re straight, don’t punch gays in public. That way you won’t risk getting beaten within an inch of your life. And if I were to go too far with you, troll, I wouldn’t call an ambulance for you.

  11. says

    The race/religion of the attackers is inconsequential, we’ve read about enough gay bashings by pale faces before to know it’s not a cultural thing.

  12. BearPawMN says

    Derrick, you’re absolutely correct that plenty of homophobic idiots have been white. And misbehavior by individuals from one group does not justify the harassment of other individuals in that group who, statistically, are most likely innocent.

    But we also cannot ignore the simple fact that certain cultures are far more intolerant of homosexuality than others, and that this intolerance is often brought over by some immigrants from those cultures. If we ignore that fact, then we will not be fully attuned to our safety on any given day, nor able to craft an effective solution to culturally rooted homophobia in the long term.

  13. says

    BEARPAWMN UMMMM it’s not about which group commits more than others. That is a defensive statement because if you really want to go there tell all those white politicians in America to stop being so homophobic. You can’t ignore that fact. Matthew Shepard and Mark Carson were brutally killed by Caucasians! FACT! Stop fighting races with homophobic views and start combatting HOMOPHOBIA!

  14. James says

    Too many London suburbs are unsafe sinkholes where the Third World exists to replicate its vile cultures. I really feel sorry for the poor whites who have had this thrust upon by liberal elites who have the monies to insulate themselves from it. Unlike the chattering class however, the white poor lack the financial means to relocate. So they’re trapped: foreigners in their own country. Imagine being poor, old, and being surrounded by people of an alien culture who treat you, and every value you hold dear, with contempt. It’s a ghastly situation.

  15. Frank says

    Well it didn’t take long for this comments section to devolve into a racist, anti-immigrant circle jerk. Typical. Oh, lordy please save lilly white London from the clutches of the invading immigrant horde. Heaven knows there was never any gay bashings before they came. No, no, none at all. It was like a veritable pride parade every day.,