1. JK says

    It’s always fun being told one doesn’t know what Pride is. I’m ready for activists to learn how to better avoid sounding like pedantic jerks when trying to make a point. Hard French folks: broadcasting to the world that the world knows less than you do isn’t going to win you a lot of support (and it certainly opens your project and goals up for criticism).

    The concept here is noble, but they’ve made some, um, interesting selections in their honorees and explained their approach really poorly. The video is a mess, and the party will be better, but people aren’t going to leave a dance night thinking, “wow, I learned so much about relatively unknown historical figures by getting tanked and dancing for a couple hours.” Ths is a commodity like every other party promotion with a very visible conscience.

  2. Dback says

    Years ago I thought someone should put together a “Ten Who Dared” poster with some of the earliest people to come out (Navratilova, Louganis, Kopay, Elton John, RuPaul, etc.) I like the idea of doing a non–white version, or a specifically black or Latino version now that enough people are “out.”

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